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Will Putin Invade Ukraine?

Started by Cassia, January 20, 2022, 01:29:34 PM

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Mysterious fire engulfs Russian FSB building in Rostov (not far from the Ukrainian border)

QuoteRostov's regional governor said a short circuit appeared to have caused the fire, which ignited fuel tanks.
Lots of that happening lately...


ICC issues arrest warrant for Dictator Putin

Not that I expect him to be behind bars tomorrow or anything, but it's a step towards Nuremberg trials for his cronies and a bunker suicide for Vlad.


Dictator Putin introduces new laws further criminalizing criticism of special invasion operation

QuotePublic dissemination of 'deliberately false information' can result in prison sentencing of up to 15 years.
The Dictator also increased criminal charges on people illegally entering a state facility, no doubt due to a spate of mysterious fires at said facilities.  Though I do note that the likelihood of getting caught is more of a deterrent than large penalties...



Apparently Ukrainian forces managed to steal a Russian tank by showing off a Javelin (not firing it, just making sure the Russians could see it), which caused fear-stricken mobiks to abandon their tank and run for their lives, and Ukrainian forces then captured the abandoned tank


"Scanning for enemy aircraft"

Avenger anti-air now in service in Ukraine

QuoteOwing to highly maneuverable missiles capable of self-targeting, a large-caliber anti-aircraft machine gun and a high level of automation, this system should become an effective and affordable means of air defense of Ukraine.


First Russia threatens the country sending military aid (I'd double it), then they say they'll destroy it immediately, then they say it doesn't matter, finally Private Conscriptovich gets his butt handed to him and Russia has to do another "partial mobilization" just to stay in the war.


Russia loses 21 tanks

21 tanks!  I do believe that is a new record!

At this rate, the Leopards won't have anything to snack on. Maybe Kamaz trucks, but that's just junk food.


Dirty deeds done dirt cheap: Ukrainian loitering drones destroy two Russian air defense systems worth $50 million usd together

Edit - some napkin math leads me to guesstimate that Ukraine spent anywhere from $400k to $500k on the loitering drones they used to destroy $50 million worth of Russian military equipment.  So that's a roughly 1-to-100 ratio in purely economic terms.  Not bad!

Mike Cl

Hmmmm, isn't loitering against the law???

Sorry, slow Sunday.
Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?<br />Then he is not omnipotent,<br />Is he able but not willing?<br />Then whence cometh evil?<br />Is he neither able or willing?<br />Then why call him god?

Dark Lightning

Quote from: Mike Cl on March 19, 2023, 10:07:52 PMHmmmm, isn't loitering against the law???

Sorry, slow Sunday.

Only if the drone has a glass of vodka on board. 😁




Russia sends unarmed troops in harm's way for sole purpose of digging trenches or carrying ammo

Yikes, that's desperate!

And Russia has made miniscule gains using these sorts of tactics.  We're talking meters, not kilometers.  At this rate, Ukraine could have a space colony before Kyiv would be under siege.