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Pros and cons of different cultures/races

Started by zarus tathra, July 30, 2014, 09:06:57 PM

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zarus tathra


Pros: All-around brilliance in science and engineering and the military

Cons: Oftentimes humorless and inflexible. They always know best and are unable to change their opinions. Too accepting of insane or brutal leaders.


Pros: Quick-thinking, possibly among the quickest

Cons: Fractious, short-sighted and imitative. A terrible undercurrent of insecurity. Provincialist in their outlook, too ritualistic and unable to see past appearances.


Pros: Incredibly optimistic,  a genius for large-scale organization

Cons: A lack of native scientific genius compared to European countries. A cultural aversion to independent thinking that compensates for whatever legal freedoms they might have. They value the ability to “fit in” to the point that it is basically a religion in and of itself. There is on the one hand a love of uniformity and on the other an overweening desire to "get ahead."


Pros: Funny, generally intelligent and accommodating towards foreign cultures

Cons: Oftentimes deceitful, they have a tendency towards an excess of abstraction and a calculated degeneration of precision in thought (The Talmud, Karl Marx, leftism in general) An aversion towards work and an excessive love of social position.
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This infuriates me however i see its in the joke thread and withhold criticism


There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.


Oh hey, free popcorn in this thread! I think I will join you!

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Jason Harvestdancer

Once upon a time I was browsing /b/ and there was a thread "Which is better, black or white."  I thought "gee, I'm in the mood for stupidity, I'll read that."

Two posts in a row caught my attention.

"White.  Ain't no black gingers."
"Black.  Ain't no black gingers."
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I didn't realize zarus was such a racist... I guess we learn something new every day....

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