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A Walk in the Woods: The Movie

Started by SGOS, June 02, 2015, 07:39:47 AM

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This is due to be released in September, but I just noticed this trailer.  The book was written by Bill Bryson, who some of you know.  It's a true story of a writer who decides to walk the Appalachian Trail (So he could write a book about it, I assume).  The book is side splittingly funny, as Bryson often can be.  The movie trailer seems a bit corny, but it stars Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, who are credible enough actors.


The movie looks interesting enough. I wonder how much the Appalachian Trail will be filmed...

But, the interviewer is horrible... Robert at points is just thrown entirely off the conversation by almost pointless questions. At one point, she interrupts the telling of a story with one.
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I have a problem with Redford that built a ski resort on top of what used to be pristine forest I hunted and fished in and now declares himself a friend of nature, or some shit. Kind of ugly when you get out of the Navy and go to visit old camping grounds and find a bunch of preppies from California parked on an asphalt lot that used to be a meadow. Fuck him.


I hear ya! He's not the only celebrity that has done that.  :sad2:
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Hollywood often releases two or more movies about the same theme close together.  Reese Witherspoon, just did the one about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, although it spent way too much time on flashbacks about her ruined life which she was trying to symbolically "hike away from."