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Flu, fever, and when the hell to stay home.

Started by Aroura33, February 21, 2013, 06:42:53 PM

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Everyone around here has been sick off and on for more than a month, close to 2 months.  My husband finally got whatever it is (I'm guessing flu), and today is running a mild fever.  He went to school anyway, but when he got home, he complained of feeling nauseous and lightheaded while driving and while in class.  Tomorrow, he has a calculus midterm.  He is really worried that he'll do poorly on the test because he is at the worst part of this illness.  i told him to stay home, and take the test next week.
he claims he can't, something about pro-school and missing day, but I looked it up and it's BS.  Pro-school only goes off your GPA, not attendance, so he can miss a day.  He SHOULD miss a day especially if it means he will likely improve his test score!

One of the reasons 75% of the people I know are sick is because a lot of parents send their kids to school sick.  And I don't mean the later half, where you have a runny nose but aren't contageous, I mean running a fever, throwing up in the hallway sick.

Anyway, I'm having a hard time feeling sympathetic if he refuses to take the day off and then gets a bad test score.  Any ideas on what I can say, or how to convince him to stay home?  Or should I just let him do whatever he wants, even when it is clearly stupid?
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