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Started by Mr.Obvious, May 07, 2023, 10:31:43 AM

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Good luck. I got about 80,000 words before Covid hit and made working difficult-to-impossible and now I can't get into that mindset anymore.

EDIT: I did manage to complete a short story of 4,392 words. I'll probably change every single one during the second draft.


37000 words, about.
Every bit helps, hoping i'll have time to write next weekend, after i return from prague.
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Quote from: Blackleaf on September 26, 2023, 07:51:47 PMA whole thirty-five words? I'm at 28 3/5 words myself.

Just kidding. I find it funny how we use commas here to separate every fourth digit, while people on the other side of the ocean use a period. Sorry. "Full stop." lol
When common protocol for computing was first being developed there were a few ... incidents ... related to opposite sides of the Atlantic and their own way of doing things. One I remember was a professor screaming that "I will be dead before I use a period as a decimal point!". (That sentence reads really weird on this side of the pond.)

Don't know what became of him.
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Back when I considered myself a writer, I would work on three different pieces, all completely different in genre. Having a dry spell was rare as bouncing from one lock to another rarely happened and sometimes generated an idea for the other. Had some minor success only in that three publishers responded, but they basically said the same thing. Meh!
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