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Started by Cassia, May 07, 2022, 11:20:26 AM

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Quote from: Mike Cl on September 03, 2023, 08:59:44 AMWhat a memory shaker that pump is!!!  As a kid at my grandparents little farm I remember that type of pump next to the kitchen sink.  Had to prime it to get it to work, so there was a little glass next to the pump that had to have water in it--that was the first job; fill that glass just after the pump became useable.  I hadn't thought of that in ages!!!
Very nostalgic and really a great piece of engineering. So much fun to use. We could hook up a hose the outlet and plumb the garden. The pond water is so full of nutrients.


I harvested these pumpkins a tad early, however they look pretty cute while curing and they sure taste a lot better than those fake ones. These ones are not overly sweet, so I was thinking pumpkin ravioli or maybe fettuccini with a mild pumpkin cream sauce.


I noticed that caterpillars ate one pumpkin vine down to nothing but there was a beautiful green pumpkin still hanging from it. I did a little research and found that you can consider a green pumpkin like a summer squash or zucchini. We sliced it up and steamed it and then hit it up with some butter and sautéed onions. Deeeeelicious and good to know, since the bug pressure peaks in September you may lose a vine or two. I sprayed the other vine leaves with dish-soapy water and they seem like they are still fine.


Last of the pumpkins, hoping for lemons, some banana pepper and some patio mini tomatoes.