Atheist group barred from parade.

Started by Brian37, March 12, 2013, 06:10:48 AM

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Quote"A lot of what our goal is as an organization is really to let people know that atheists are an important part of our community," she said. "I think a lot of people have probably met atheists and don't realize it, because atheists make decisions a lot of times to stay closeted and not let people know for fear of people having a negative perception of them."

Damn. Looks like we're in there with the Gays in KC.  :shock:

Youssuf Ramadan

Is there a human rights issue here?  Not sure how US law would work here...  :-k


Quote from: "Youssuf Ramadan"Is there a human rights issue here?  Not sure how US law would work here...  :-k

That would depend on who is paying for the parade. If there is government money involved (federal, state, county or city) the move is of questionable legality. If the parade is a private initiative without government involvement. they can legally do this as far as I know.



Expect a lawsuit the organizers will lose as they should. St Patricks day is a fucking joke and excuse to get shitfaced drunk in the name of gawd....
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Hell, I didn't even know God was involved in most of our holidays until a few years ago.  The church I went to as a child pegged Halloween as the devil's holiday.  They never mentioned it was started by Christians, not demons.
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