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A New Physics Theory Of Life

Started by stromboli, February 25, 2015, 10:17:41 PM

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Contemporary Protestant

well how fast will that be? if the red giant slowly expands life could develop on other planets and such


While physics underlies chemistry, which underlies biology, I'm not convinced that physics is the right level to approach evolution from.  It surely has a lot more to say about abiogenesis than it does about natural selection.  I would be more interested to see this used to explain the origin of life, not the evolution of it -- and in fact, I think it should have more to say about that.  Evolution is for the most part an organism-level principle, not a molecular level one.  The only part it plays in abiogenesis is that it favors the molecule that can make copies of itself, and of those it favors the ones that can make better copies than the others.

But it hasn't really anything to say about where that molecule comes from -- that is quantum mechanics' job, and if it can show that a self-replicating molecule is likely under the second law of thermodynamics, that's very good for the theory of abiogenesis.
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Hijiri Byakuren

Quote from: Contemporary Protestant on February 27, 2015, 11:45:45 PM
well how fast will that be? if the red giant slowly expands life could develop on other planets and such
Life could develop on other planets after the sun finishes expanding, but the sun is going to expand a bit too quickly for life to escape from Earth, assuming we wait until the last possible moment.
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Contemporary Protestant

that wasnt my point, im not concerned with the preservation if the human race, i just think it sounds cool that some distant planet could have their own animals and such