My Sis-in-law is nuts...Jesse Ventura show.

Started by Aroura33, February 28, 2013, 05:31:06 PM

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So my sister-in-law keeps posting really really crazy conspiracy stuff on FB.  Aliens interfering with humans, givernment plots to overthrow other governments, the usual.  But lately, she's apparently taken to watching this Jessie Ventura show on Tru-TV, and she's convinced that everything she sees there is real!  Here is her most recent Link, and what he posted with it was "OK, so nobody better question me on why I refuse the "shot"
I'm not even taking the chance this could could happen!!!"

I had never heard of this show until she started posting links.  This kind of crazy stupid shit should be outlawed. Too many people believe whatever they see on TV without ever fact checking themselves.  How many preppers and otehr paranoid types are shows like driving to be more paranoid?  How many otherwise normal people is crap like this turning INTO paranoid nuts?

I never respond to this crap on my Sis's FB page, but damn....I worry she's going to do something really crazy someday.
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Sounds like your sister is crazy. You should get her vaccinated.
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I think the former governor took to many head injuries when he was wrestling.  That guy is crazy as fuck.  And trust me...fuck is pretty crazy.

He just looks crazy.

Like the liberal equivalent of Alex Jones.


Sorry for your sister, but I used to be pretty wack about that conspiracy shit and got over it, so maybe she will. I don't know about Ventura. He might just do it for the lols, because he has a history of a "playful" attitude. I really don't think he takes himself all that seriously, frankly. He has declared himself an atheist and supports gay marriage, medical marijuana and other liberal issues. He is a hard guy to pin down. Hard to pin ex wrestler, get it?  :-D

Alaric I

Quote from: "commonsense822"I think the former governor took to many head injuries when he was wrestling.  That guy is crazy as fuck.  And trust me...fuck is pretty crazy.

He just looks crazy.
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Like the liberal equivalent of Alex Jones.

I was going to say the exact same thing.  Well, i would add his being a SEAL didn't help.


Quote from: "commonsense822"Like the liberal equivalent of Alex Jones.

That's a pretty good comparison. Ventura's show has even gone crazy by their own standards. They burned through all the semi-reasonable conspiracies the first season or so, and moved on to retarded shit made up on the internet in places like Alex Jones' Infowars like the lizard alien shit. They have to edit it to death and cheat with the interviews to make it seem like something sketchy is going on, and they still end up looking stupid.
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