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Went to the McNay Art Museum

Started by Shiranu, September 15, 2014, 02:47:56 AM

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Didn't get too many pictures because alot of it was, "Please, no photos"... but the gallery I could get photos in was pretty cool too. There were several original Picasso's that I liked that I couldn't get pictures of :\.

(Just a side-note, all pictures were taken on my new LG G3 phone since my old one died... and holy hell, this phone has a RIDICULOUSLY beautiful screen and camera.)


The atrium... my god, I want (and have since I was little) a house with an atrium and a pond/fountain.


Three of Renoir's (IIRC) works...

And favourite bellow...

Bonnard (I love the colours in this)...

And finally some van Gogh...


I loved this place, so many French artists (as McNay was a huge fan of). And on the way out got to eat some Moroccan food from a food truck and holy hell was it delicious.
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I visited my cousin in San Antonio. He was a good host, and would have taken me there if I had asked, but I didn't know about it.  It wasn't something he would not have thought about on his own.  He was more of a Nascar person.

When I lived in Chicago, I used to frequent to the Art Institute Museum.  Even at the age of 13 or 14, I would go there on my own and marvel at the paintings.  I'm not sure what draws people to artwork, but I know what it feels like to be drawn to it.


If van Gogh's pieces are not seen in person they are not appreciated like they should.  Some of his paintings look like they were done with jewels. The Art Institute is a must see. I used to visit it often when I went to the American Academy of Art not far from it. I wish I had gone to school there instead.  I hate commercial art that is taught at the Academy. I think illustrations are terrific, but I'm more into the creation of liberal fine art that is not so conservative, but rebellious.

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