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Chinese laundry

Started by caseagainstfaith, September 14, 2013, 01:45:35 AM

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So, this Chinese man owns a laudry.  And a white salesman comes in selling laundry supplies.
The laundry owner says not interested, he has a good vendor for laundry supplies.
The salesman says, "but, I promise I can beat his prices! take a look at my price sheet!"
So, the owner has a look and indeed, the prices are quite good.  So, he says he will do business with the salesman.
But, the salesman says, "one thing you need to understand, to get these low prices, you need to sign a two year contract."
So, the owner asks to look at the contract.  He notices that the contract says that the prices can vary week to week by plus or minus 20 percent.
He asks,  "why is this?"
The salesman says, "well, I buys laundry supplies on the spot market. It fluctuates from week to week. Some weeks I get better prices than other weeks, but, its always a good deal."
So, the owner signs the contract.  
A week goes by, and the salesman is back for the weekly supplies.
And, the price is 20% higher than the week before!
So the owner asks, "the price is a lot higher than last week, why is this?"
The salesman says, "like I said, fluctuations on the spot market.  Some weeks up, some weeks down.  I'm sure it will be down next week"
So, the owner pays the bill.
Next week the salesman is back again with weekly supplies.
And the price is up again, another 20%!
The owner is now mad.  He exclaims, "Now the price is higher than my previous supplier!!!! Why is this????"
So, the salesman says, "I keep telling you, fluctuations!!! Fluctuations!!!!"
So the owner says,
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