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Lost Causes in Theoretical Physics

Started by josephpalazzo, September 01, 2013, 07:19:35 PM

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Just came across this on the web...

I. Hidden Variables
II. Nelson's Stochastic Mechanics
III. Quantum Logic
IV. Trivalent Logic
V. The Scalar Wightman Theory in 4 Space-Time Dimensions
VI. Jordan Algebras, Octonions, p-adics, Quaternions
VII. Physics from Fisher Information
VIII. Phase, the Operator Conjugate to the Number Operator
IX. Rigorous Feynman Path Integrals
X. Euclidean Gravity
XI. Bohmian Mechanics
XII. The Many-Worlds Interpretation of QM
XIII. Non-self-adjoint observables
XIV. Analytic S-matrix bootstrap
XV. Wolfram's physics as a computer programme
XVI. Dirac's programme of quantisation
XVII. Converting R. Penrose to the Copenhagen view
XVIII. Mach's principle
IXX. Spheralons
XX. Hilbert space as classical phase space
XXI. Spin-statistics `theorems' in non-relativistic quantum mechanics
XXII. Diff M as a gauge group
XXIII. First causes in physics
XXIV. Stapp's quantum theory of the brain
XXV. The New Scientist
XXVI. Other lists of hopeless theories


Quote from: "josephpalazzo"XXIII. First causes in physics

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