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Cool electronic device I have!

Started by nuclear, October 16, 2022, 06:47:57 PM

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I have this old TV set; it acts kinda funky, as I have to wiggle the front AV ports in order to restore the picture & sound on it sometimes, but it works ok other than that. Along with it, I have this digital-to-analog TV converter box connecting to this aerial antenna, which I have rigged up outside with rubber bands and rope to point in the perfect direction to receive 22 channels (LAFF and the Mystery channel are a few of my favorites).

(That's from some NASCAR race on NBC, btw)

I really enjoy watching TV like this, and a cool feature with the built-in DVR of the converter box is a programmable timer to automatically start and stop recording during a specific time period.

It comes in handy when I'm at school or asleep and still want to watch a show that I like (having it automatically record Everybody Hates Chris at 1-2 AM when I plan on sleeping at 10 PM, or record the news at 4-5 AM before I wake up).

Sorry this was kind of wordy. It's just that I really like this device. Best $42 spent recently. 


A bit of soldering can strengthen those AV jacks, but, and I do not say this lightly, DO NOT OPEN A CRT TV UNLESS YOU ARE VERY CAREFUL AND KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. A CRT can store a LETHAL charge, even when unplugged. Don't do it if you are even a little unsure of yourself.

The thing about CRTs is that they are very, very low resolution. My phone, and apparently three other screens I own, are 766p. I'm getting a off low resolution because, surprise, it just doesn't look as good. No one is more surprised than me about that. But I had found a VHS rip of Die Hard, have the DVD and recently acquired the blu ray. Man, there ain't no comparison. The opening titles are all blurred so that they are hardly readable.

That said, I have stupid amounts of nostalgia for the crappy picture and picked up on of these:

Mine's a different brand and I already removed the radio and antenna because analog broadcasting is dead. Pretty much. My plan is to put one of these in it:

I just have to figure out a good place to tap the 3.3 - 5v for the unit and mount it. I was going to put a Raspberry Pi in there as well to play Retropie and hook up a hard drive to play movies and old TV shows and whatever, but now I got a large TV from my brother and I have a pit hooked up to that for now.

Never though about getting the DAC ariel because I haven't watched broadcast television in probably a decade and whenever I do now, it just hurts me. I used to watch this? All the time? It's like rewatching the Nostalgia Critic today. Oh my god!