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When did you understand that

Started by SoldierofFortune, September 12, 2022, 03:07:34 PM

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you were a total ignoranus so decided that you must read extensively in your chosen area of study to satisfy your intellect?

Or did you?

I understand towards the end of the age 33. I will take the necessary action.


I realized before I was 20 that I knew nothing about chess. I only knew it was cool, so I started reading chess books, and now I still know much less than I'd like, but at least I can understand the tactics and strategies when I watch agadmator's videos on YouTube.
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Dark Lightning

I grew up in a small town in California in the '50s and '60s. Three channels of television. It was hotter than the blazes in the summer when school was out, so we stayed inside during the worst of it and read books. Anything, including encyclopedias. I was not an ignoramus. Not a chess player, though. 8^D

Mike Cl

Ignorance is simply what we all are.  Nobody can ever know everything; just not possible.  Ignorance is a human's default state.  But willful ignorance is not the same, or even close, to ignorance.  I am ignorant of millions (gazallions) of things.  As I learn new things a little bit of my ignorance falls away.  However, my ignorance will always remain in that once cannot learn all the unknown stuff in one lifetime--doesn't mean I will stop trying, tho. 

My last concerted effort to take on a large study was in my  mid/late 40's.  I decided to take on spirituality and the christian religion.  I spent about a decade researching that topic with special attention to Jesus and the Bible.  I reached the conclusion that religion in general is propaganda and that Jesus is a created person.  I'm still interested in this topic, but an a much slower pace. 
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