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Electric Dog Containment Fences

Started by SGOS, March 18, 2022, 09:27:47 AM

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I'm in the process of looking for a dog.  I don't want to chain him or kennel him.  I tried that with my last dog years ago, and while I couldn't imagine chaining a dog, I built a kennel, which he hated.  He dug his way out.  I put a cement floor under it.  He climbed out, so I built a roof.  He chewed the horse fencing of the enclosure and created an opening.  I replaced it with chain link.

During the last part of our standoff before I proofed the kennel for good, he chased a deer across the road and got hit by a car, but survived with a broken rib.  But after he got hit and before I had proofed the kennel, I had rented a shock collar for a week and taught him his boundary. I never had another problem with him leaving the yard for the next 15 years of his life.  I would kennel the dog when we left as an added safety precaution, and my wife asked one day why I did that when he never ever left the property, and I was happy to retire the kennel.

So I know that electric shock works, but some people disapprove of shock training, including the interview committee of the rescue agency that refused to let me adopt a stray.  But that's OK.  I can love an AKC registered dog that costs a bundle as much as I can a stray from the dog pound, and either one would be a good hiking partner for my daily exercise routine, and welcomed into my home.

My neighbor has had good luck with the wire in the ground electric boundary, although the dog did leave a couple of times early on.  They make A GPS system that somehow creates a boundary of any shape or size, which one review said works on large areas, but not small ones.  I have a very large area for the dog.  In small areas the natural inaccuracy of GPS wanders, and sometimes creates an area so small that the dog cannot escape a continual shock, which would be a nightmare for a dog.  There is also a wireless system that projects a 3/4 acre cone, but that doesn't work on hills or around structures I've been told, and I live on a hill with structures in the area.

Has anyone had any experience with these fence arrangements?  A remote shock collar worked with at least my very high flight risk Golden Retriever, but after that first week of training with the collar, there was never an actual penalty for leaving the property.  I'm not sure all dogs would respond as my Golden did.


In high school, we got a huskie and tried that and she just kept running over the border until the battery wore out.



I don't care for them. By the time a running dog gets close enough to get shocked it is usually too late to stop. Then they are on the outside with no way to get back in. Plus they don't do shit for keeping other animals out of the yard.
Save a life. Adopt a Greyhound.


Running across the barrier is the one criticism that I've heard most frequently. In fact, my neighbor who keeps her dog in with an electric barrier related that where she lived before, a neighbor's German Shepard would run right through it's own electric barrier.  Eventually, the owner got rid of the fence and the dog.