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Regal Cinema is Closing

Started by SGOS, October 05, 2020, 09:56:03 AM

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QuoteMooky Greidinger, the chief executive of Cineworld, said on Sky News that delays in the opening of many films â€"  including “Mulan," “Black Widow,” “Wonder Woman 1984,” as well as the Bond movie â€" meant the company “didn’t have the goods” for customers.  “It’s the wrong decision from the studios to move the movies in such a way,” Mr. Greidinger said.  “Unfortunately, we cannot operate without a proper flow of products and sadly, you, like I, have seen audience numbers dwindle to tiny and unsustainable levels and the delay of Bond has been a huge blow.”

Talk about a rock and a hard place.  No mention was made that audiences may still be cautious about theater going no matter what is playing. And a previous article right after theaters reopened noted that the few people in the theater were even wearing masks once they were allowed in, and the rule was not being enforced.  It's  just not a safe environment.  It seems that states, businesses, and people are just making up their own safety protocols.  Those listening to experts are not going to go places where others just make up their own rules. I have to wonder if restaurants and bars will be facing the same thing.

A Regal theater is the one I went to 95% of the time.  But I can't say I miss it much, although it was a nice theater.  I haven't been to a restaurant for 10 months, and that was also a frequent diversion of mine.  Diversions don't seem that important anymore.  I actually feel better at home.  It's a little zone of safety.  When I leave I become vulnerable.  I'm still sorry the economy is going down the toilet, but I don't think that's my responsibility.


Rats! there goes the $50 Regal Cinema gift card I received for my birthday in January. There is a Regal theater two miles from my house and tickets prices were the best in town.


That really sucks.  And it seems that theaters in general have been taking a beating these last few years, covid and digital releases just pushed them over the edge.

And double dukes, I have a gift card as well.  :'(



Quote from: Hydra009 on October 05, 2020, 12:48:06 PM
That really sucks.  And it seems that theaters in general have been taking a beating these last few years, covid and digital releases just pushed them over the edge.
In response to fewer people going to theaters, mine remodeled with reclining seats, even though they reduced seating capacity to 1/3.  Yeah, they've been taking it on the chin, and the future doesn't look bright.

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QuoteAfter announcing it would reopen more than two-thirds of its 91 movie theater locations by the end of August, Marcus Theatres reports it will now temporarily close 17 of those 72 reopened cinemas as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

These now temporarily closed theaters include two in southeastern Wisconsin â€" Marcus Menomonee Falls Cinema and Marcus Hillside Cinema in Delafield.

"As the entertainment industry continues to adapt to the impact of Covid-19, the number of studio releases available has slowed dramatically, which has directly impacted guest attendance," Marcus Theatres said in a statement. "As soon as this trend reverses and demand returns, we will quickly resume operations."
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For you guys with gift cards, Regal says that no matter how long they remain closed, the cards will still be valid when they reopen.