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The rise and fall of VeggieTales

Started by Blackleaf, September 04, 2020, 06:23:25 PM

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This is a very good video covering the origin and eventual fall of VeggieTales, and their creators, Big Idea. As someone who grew up with VeggieTales, I found this very interesting. I remember watching one of the later episodes of the show, after it had been purchased by another company and secularized, and thinking, "Wow, this is nothing like the original show." Turns out the creators had a ton of good luck getting the show started, but a ton more bad luck that combined with poor business decisions which eventually lead to the show losing its identity. Spoiler, though, this story actually has a happy ending, despite the title.

I still have fond memories of the original show. The Silly Songs with Larry are still catchy and fun to listen to. And the way they kind of satirize Biblical stories to make them more kid friendly is very entertaining. Like remember that story about King David spying on a woman while she was bathing, and then having the woman's husband sent to the front lines in battle so he would die and he could take the woman as his wife? How the FUCK do you adapt that into a kid's cartoon? Well, they managed it. Even though I am an atheist now, I do think the show should stick to the creator's original vision, and not secularized just to increase its marketability.
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I see you would use a flamethrower against the felt board story system used in a Christian nursery.

One of my best friends thought VeggieTales was wonderful, but she is rather child-like.  I would watch them with her, and I thought they were pretty funny.  Particularly ... why would a cucumber need a hair brush?
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