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Now THAT is a good view!

Started by trdsf, July 16, 2020, 07:52:55 PM

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About 3 minutes in, left of center.  Realtime 4K view.  Ho.  Lee.  Shit.
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Had no idea this was happening.  Thank you for the heads up.  We may have clearing skies tonight, and  right after sunset will be an easy appointment to make.


I did see the comet this evening, but I could only spot it with binoculars.  After I knew where to look with the naked eye, it was a bare smudge in the sky, but it was certainly sizeable. Definitely the largest visible body up there tonight.  It took me a half hour to spot it after I starting scanning at 9:30 when there was but a dim glow on the horizon at the very end of the sunset.  I was on top of the Blue Ridge with 6 other parked cars, and I was the only one who had seen it by the time I left.  I tried to point it out to a couple of people, but they weren't able to see it, even with binoculars.  Although I would guess than an hour later, it would be easier to see.