A Disney Monopoly Is A Problem (According To Disney's Recess)

Started by Sal1981, December 06, 2019, 08:27:09 AM

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Great critique & analysis of the problems of unregulated capitalism and the monopolization by Disney. Also a bit how the show Community rips off Recess.
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Funny how the biggest promoters of champaign socialism, are arch capitalists.  The point of media regulation, by the government, is that political access is bought thru campaign contributions by large organizations or wealthy individuals.  And the net result is barriers to entry (always the status quo interest).  In a true capitalist situation, there would be no monopoly, since competition would be unfettered and lucrative.

If the Hollywood moguls had been powerful enough, there would have been no VHS or Betamax.  Fair use is anathema to them.  We would be stuck with large laser disks purchased directly from Hollywood.  And no streaming by Netflix et al, except again, if streaming was desirable to Hollywood, they would allow it only thru them.  There are a few natural monopolies, like electrical power ... but Media isn't one of them.

The reason why the copyright system was extended twice now, is to keep content creation by large providers locked up in perpetuity.  Small budget YouTube productions are too ephemeral to be worth locking up in perpetuity.  So keep supporting that Congressman from Hollywood, he has your interests in mind.
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