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Big Rock closing in

Started by aitm, February 14, 2013, 06:49:07 PM

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Come on guys, we all know its jebus.
Vi veri Veniversum Vivus Vici


Quote from: "BlackL1ght"Come on guys, we all know its jebus.

Jesus finally returned to the world!

Unfortunately, he came in a little too hard and burned up in reentry.


In a former godless communist nation.. damned god has bad aim.. He should have enlisted Joe Flacco for the job since god's primary job now is football recruiter.
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Admit it. You're secretly green with envy.


Quote from: "stromboli"I used to work with a guy that was an avid amateur astronomer. He told me that amateurs have discovered many of the heavenly wonders, such as comets and whatnot. He also said that most of the professionals started as amateurs, so there is a strong connection between them. Fear not, aitm. Be glad there are eyes on the sky.
Nice, Stromboli.
"Brahma Satyam Jagan-mithya" (Brahman is the truth, the observed is an illusion)
"Sarve Khalu Idam Brahma" (All this here is Brahman)


Quote from: "aitm"very good, its not the distance so much as that the amateurs saw it first.....THAT is my worry..

There are vastly more amateurs than professionals and they can cover much more sky.


Okay, near miss with the big one, direct hit with the two small ones. This is god's way of saying FUND NASA, YOU STUPID FUCKS!