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A Reminder

Started by stromboli, May 07, 2015, 11:50:03 AM

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Wolf is a nice guy and doesn't make an issue of this, but I am. This forum is a .com and costs money to run and maintain. Realizing that many of you are not as well off financially, we nonetheless need to support the forum financially. I try to kick in at least $10 a month or so to keep it going. Those of us who were here when the forum was bought from Reggie (Infidelguy) know the effort that went into that. Wolf was good enough to take on the forum and manage it, and he deserves our support. The forum is functioning better now than it ever has previously, and he deserves not only our thanks but our support. Thank you.


Thank you for the reminder, Strom. I sometimes forget about that

The link is up top in the link bar, but here it is again. I'm going to chip in before I forget


Anything amount will help and I I wan to thank everyone who has help in the past. We are in a good position where we can make most upgrade if needed.

Again Thank to everyone who has helped.


I'm paying for hookers and booze again? When will I ever learn?
All hail my new signature!

Admit it. You're secretly green with envy.


Quote from: AllPurposeAtheist on May 09, 2015, 12:34:42 AM
I'm paying for hookers and booze again? When will I ever learn?

You have to balance your hookers and booze. Once you learn that balance life will be gold for you