Put on a happy face, atheist vs atheist vs theist.

Started by Brian37, March 23, 2015, 02:54:30 PM

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I really hate the idea that atheists have to put on a happy face and not say boo in order to "join forces" with theists. I see these types all the time blaspheme religion themselves then advocate for the same censorship This isn't anything more than "It is right the way I do it".

I think some people on the left both atheist and theist, who are well intended, without understanding, that "happy face" tactic isn't helpful the way they intend.

If we rightfully want the east to grow a thick skin and not arrest people or murder people for merely being offended, then how is being polite 100%
of the time going to promote that? If anyone thinks getting offended is worse than being murdered they have their priorities out of whack.

The "force" both atheists and theists have is secular common law. I find it absurd to assume everyone who believes has a glass jaw. Furthermore we do not help oppressed people in the east who don't like their oppression like women, minority Muslims, Christians and gays and atheists who ARE REALLY OPPRESSED, by putting on that happy face.

If we want Muslims to leave it at words when they get offended, then we do no service to anyone oppressed by insisting on political correctness here.

I can have empathy for people who make claims that drive me nuts. Our freedoms are not in danger by being blunt, and most certainly if we value free speech then none of us are free from being offended.

The other aspect that is so wrong about censorship and "Happy face" thinking does, is that if we never as atheists publicly disagree that does not allow theists to see us as individuals. If we don't want theists to see us as monolithic Stalin lovers, then our public bitching between us allows them to see that too.

I WILL join sides with anyone who values free speech. I can protect theists without protecting their ideas. Human rights are a given for both the atheist and theist, but that is still a different subject than the idea itself. Humans have rights, ideas should never get blind value.
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