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Any Incremental Game Players?

Started by Hijiri Byakuren, February 14, 2015, 02:42:11 PM

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Hijiri Byakuren

I got into incremental games during my major depression fit in December and January. They kept me sane by having something always in the back of my mind to plan for whenever I got back home. They're also just plain fun to play.

The one I'm keeping up on the most right now is Swarm Simulator. It's a text-based game I can best sum up as being like Farmville, but with Tyranids/Zerg. (The developer's also a fellow Touhou fan, so I feel obligated to play it. :P ) At the moment, I'm the main contributor to the game's wiki on Reddit.

The main reason I play SwarmSim is because your swarm continues to grow offline, but I've played plenty of others that only progress when the tab is open. I'm sure a lot of you know of Cookie Clicker or at least heard of it. The first one I played was Hero Clicker, which has offline progress as well; got a little bored of it, though, because the prestige system didn't feel worth the cost. Oh, if you're unfamiliar, "prestige" in these games is basically a soft-reset that send you back to the beginning, but with a bonus that lets you get further in the game, and do it faster. They usually accumulate over multiple resets.

The Broken Mouse Convention is a good place to find these games. They have a wiki with a bunch of games listed, and people are always posting new games that they find or make.
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I've played a lot of cookie clicker, I think the hugest I got was in the quadrillion range. They are very fun in my experience and I might look into swarm simulator now that you mentioned it

Nice markiplier quote by the way XD
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I played Cookie Clicker up to the dungeon Beta and another incremental game with ASCII art, forgot what it was called, but quickly lost interest after a month or two.
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