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dragon mates in low earth orbit

Started by Rejak, March 03, 2013, 09:03:46 PM

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all hail our new cargo carrier to low earth orbit!


Nice to know there will be little baby space stations in the near future.. I suspect then the next launch will be Space/Fisher PriceX..
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When I first clicked on this thread, I thought it was talking about dragons mating in low Earth orbit.

I am disappoint.   :(


Quotethrusters to boost its orbit or make orbital changes in case some bit of space debris is detected that might get too close, but those are gross maneuvers, not the fine ones you need for mating.

Damn. sounds like a sex act.  :shock:


Oh... Space stuff...

I was hoping for some Game of Thrones season 3 spoilers.   :P
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Dammit Saphira and Firnen! What did I tell you!?!
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thanks stromboli for fixing my link! Those of you looking for dragon porn, shame on you :rollin:  :shock:  8-)

I'm thinking in the future this may be remembered as a significant milestone in the history of  human space travel.
First privately owned vehicle to go to low earth orbit actually carrying useful cargo. Now if we can just start mining astroids......