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New Anti-Spam Measures

Started by wolf39us, December 17, 2014, 05:21:19 PM

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I just wanted to give everyone a look at the anti-spam measures that have been installed.  Over the last few months our team has been doing a wonderful job manually checking emails, usernames, and IP addresses to prevent nonsense from getting posted in our little home.

The spam bots have gotten so out of control that I had sought out a premium service to get it all under control.  So far everything appears to be working rather well!

I installed this service on 12-11-14 and already over 1,180 spam bots have attempted to register.

Our activation queue has dropped dramatically and it has lifted a heavy burden on our mods!  Thank you guys for helping out so much with the queue!

Here is a public link to our site's stats that you can check anytime you'd like!


Thanks for doing a terrific job everyone!  :super: :new_xmas: Solitary
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