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Started by SGOS, November 04, 2014, 10:32:29 AM

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A while back someone mentioned this sort of thing.  I can't remember what it was but I'm looking for this kind of thing now.  In googling this up, I came up with XBMC, now called Kodi for PC use.  What I need is a media center organizer that will access several hard drives and categorize my movies by Genre.

Power DVD almost does it, but as it uploads locations of movies on my drives, it also grabs information off the net, so you can read a short preview.  And it also loads in a special icon associated with each specific movie.... that is most of the time.  Sometimes it loads information and an icon for a completely different movie, often in a foreign language, and has no provision to go in an fix in manually.  For example it reads my movie Thirteenth Floor, and it loads in Leave It On the Floor (in French).  LOL  It will still play the right movie, but it tells you it's going to play the other one.

Damn, Power DVD comes close, but this weakness bugs me.  Anyone have something they use that they would recommend?


As far as I know you are using the best one. Solitary
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Power DVD does a good job of playing videos, for sure.  WinDVD is also good.  I have both.  But the PDVD media center organizer appears to be an addon, almost as an afterthought thrown in, and it still has a few kinks.  I think they might sell another program for the kind of organization I'm talking about, but their description isn't helpful enough for me to fork out money without knowing what it is I'd actually be getting.

Someone here had mentioned something that is a dedicated organizer that he really liked, but I can't remember what it was.