Lizards found to evolve rapidly

Started by Atheon, October 26, 2014, 01:32:37 AM

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A native species of lizards on a Florida island has evolved in just 15 years due to pressure from an invading lizard species from Cuba.

But they're still lizards! They didn't turn into cows or monkeys! JAAAAYYYYZUSSS!
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If they didn't start out as a jar of peanut butter, they didn't really evolve. Praise the Lord!
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Well, anything with a short lifespan/fast generational turnover will evolve rapidly.



If you had been paying attention to the latest news none of this would have come as a shock.. Lizards are also shape shifters.. Sure they're big time carnivores and eat most any insects, but they're fairly liberal and once were known to believe they could deal reasonably with pond scum..
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