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What Happened To That Garsh Darn Debate I Had?

Started by Casparov, October 05, 2014, 03:49:52 PM

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Hey Casparov, you don't have any right to talk about intellectual honesty - or honesty in general, for that matter - when you edit the arrogant tone of your post without offering an apology to the forum members. Cretin.


I spoke with Satan about this and he agreed to bury it on page 859 or something..
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He just came back to generate more of the same. Dude thrives on abuse.


Didn't he admit the debate was won in support of the atheist position? Yes, we are arrogant about no gods, because no one has yet offered any reliable or logical evidence any gods, or God, exists. You sound like a president we had that said we won the war that is still going on. Why would we, even if it wasn't an accident, keep a debate on what we all knew would be won in our favor? We have confidence in our position just like the people that believe in evolution. You want to call it arrogance, fine, but we call it confidence in our position where you obviously don't in yours, and shouldn't without a shred of any kind of reliable or logical evidence just superstitious nonsense based on A book where the original doesn't even exist.  :wall: :pai:  Solitary
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Quote from: SGOS on October 06, 2014, 09:06:54 AM
Why would he even care what happened to his debate?  Does he expect we are going to keep it on the first page because it's just that important?

What a dick head.

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Quote from: stromboli on October 06, 2014, 10:54:30 AM
He just came back to generate more of the same. Dude thrives on abuse.

Ours or his?
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So, you're back now?

Just so you know, the debate was up untill at least a few days before the debate between Hijiri Byakuren and redsoxfan began. I'll attest to that as one of the participants. (If your side of the debate was so crushing and logical and our admins were as intellectually dishonest as you accused them of being, why would they wait for months before deleting it?) I know this mainly because of the confused way redsoxfan wished to start a debate, it left me to check out the structure of the debate hall in detail in order to give him some advice as how to start a debate.

But between the mass confusion that that debate is now turning out to be and your display of your complete lack of comprehending anything I was saying to you during our little one-on-one, I'm reaching the conclusion that explaining things may not be my forte.

P.S. I think you ow the admins an apology for insinuating their supposed intellectual dishonesty. But hey, that's just me.
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