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You Think You Have Problems!

Started by Solitary, September 07, 2014, 01:33:37 PM

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Look at these:

Next time you and your friends can't figure out what to do, you might want to check to make sure no one is suffering from Aboulomania. This is characterized by crippling indecision. This type of person will over-analyze their decisions to such an extent that they will end up with a case of paralysis by analysis.

People with Palinopsia literally cannot unsee things. If you imagine the light spots you see when you look at a bright light persisting after you look away, that is kind of what Palinopsia is like, except Palinopsia happens for normal things you look at. You see something and it just stays in your vision for far too long. This is great for a visual artist to have.

Dysmimia sufferers are unable to express themselves with hand gestures, and often unable to recognize the gestures of others. They would be totally blind to an obscenity thrown their way. There might be nothing more ironic than an Italian Dysmimia sufferer.

If you have Amelodia you will find yourself unable to recognize any songs played to you. You might still know how to play music on an instrument, but no matter what song you listen to, you simply wont be able to name it.

Cotards Syndrome
This syndrome essentially makes people zombie imposters. They will firmly believe that they are dead, yet they are somehow walking around and acting like a living person. The person will insist that they are already dead and should act accordingly.

Jargon Aphasia
It could be very entertaining to try to listen to someone talk while suffering from jargon aphasia. When they try to speak, random words will be replaced with nonsensical words or sounds to form nearly incomprehensible sentences, and the speaker have no clue that they did it.

Visual Reorientation Illusion
If you have a bad sense of direction, then be thankful that at least your world is always oriented the same way. People who suffer from VRI will suddenly experience their whole world rotate by 90 or 180 degrees; north/south becomes east/west, or in a 180 flip north/south becomes south/north. When this happens, the person's world feels unrecognizeable since everything is in the wrong direction in their mind.

This disorder is essentially an extreme case of denial, so strong that it is in fact physiologically impossible for a sufferer to not have denial. Usually this happens when someone injures a part of their brain, at which point they will deny that any other disorder that they have is real.

Alien Hand Syndrome
You're probably in control of all of your limbs right now, but not everyone is. If you have Alien Hand Syndrome, your hand will start doing things with a mind of it's own.

This should be reclassified to 'buzzkill disorder'. Anhedonia is the inability to experience enjoyment in normal activities. I believe we had a person here that said they had this.

Body Identity Integrity Disorder
This disorder can be extremely frightening, because it makes you seriously want to remove your own body parts, usually an arm or leg. People become overwhelmed by the idea that a part of them, an arm for example, does not really belong there and needs to be removed, or that their life would be better without it. It would be a really weird experience to have both this disorder and Alien Hand Syndrome at the same time.

Akinetopsia is a trippy medical condition in which you cannot perceive the motion of objects because the world appears in snapshots instead of like a continuous video. Everything seems to be frozen but then jumps ahead to a different position, and sometimes even jumps backwards briefly. You can still see each snapshot clearly, but it makes for a very difficult time interacting with the world. I think this would drive you crazy after awhile. Solitary

There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.