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Episode 2

Started by frozenframe, August 25, 2014, 10:05:07 AM

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I shot the second episode of "Age of Reason" last Sunday. You can find it here:

Last time I shared the link of the first episode, I got some pretty good feedback, which I took to heart. Please give feedback if you have any. I'm just looking to spread the word  :smiley:

Many thanks!


Thanks for the show, and for the video. It's too bad that those that it is directed to won't watch it because they are too lazy to learn anything accept what supports their indoctrinated nonsense. Solitary
There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.


So true! There are so many times I've seen something that, if watched with an open mind, might just make an impact on my sis-in-law and brother's faith. But she would delete without watching.
Q for theists; how can there be freewill and miracles? And, how can prayer exist in an environment as regimented as "gods plan"?

"I'm a polyatheist, there are many gods I don't believe in." - Dan Fouts


Yes unfortunately these kind of shows don't get the exposure they deserve. But the alternative is to not do them at all and that would be the wrong approach.