Baby boomers and their angelic children, a religion onto itself?

Started by Munch, August 20, 2014, 08:05:59 PM

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First off, I just want to say it that this isn't an attack on children. While my personal feelings towards children has soured some what over the years to now knowing I never want to have any, and that babysitting my nephews is a chore instead of a joy, this is a thought I was thinking today on something thats always bugged the shit out of me.

Now to all you folks here who have children, I have nothing against people wanting to have kids and raise a family. I've had many friends and relatives who went on to become mothers and fathers themselves, so I've a good perspective on how raising children effects different people.

However, the thing I find very hard to digest on this issue, comes from all the baby boomers, the child worshipers and Soccer moms, or any other title for parents who act like children are the absolute crowning jewels of the world and perfect in every single way.
Much like the problems with modern feminism and what that brings, child worshipers is something that pisses me off, when I see people referring to how perfect their kids are, and how they're little angels of holy light. The reality is the kids are trouble makers, shit sprayers, breakers of expensive objects, and all round mess makers, and yet instead of being called up for it, the kids be praised for being creative when they break things.

I feel that taking several sketches from george carlin sums up my feelings towards such people.

And maybe I wouldn't mind these people living in their own world of child worship, if thats where they kept it. But we all know that these same people expect the world to adapt to their child, to make everything for the children, to fuck up tv, movies, magazine covers, even social and ethical rights, all for the children.

What I'm getting to a suppose, is how this whole system of child worship, its almost like a religion itself in the minds of child worshipers, in how these people think children are angels that do no wrong, they react badly to anyone criticizing them, and react even worse if you insult the children in the same way a catholic would react to you insulting god. And just like religion in how it wants to fuck up anything enjoyable for free thinking adults like porn, drink, drugs, alcohol and anything else of human nature, child worshipers also want these activities away from the children incase it hurts their delicate feelings.

So.. yes this is kind of a rant, and I apologize to anyone who might be a parent here, though i hope you are not as described a fanatical child worshiper, and accept all the annoying shit children do as making them not angelic, but just undeveloped people yet to grow into the same thing we all are now.
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I'm already starting to have to deal with with this. My sister had her little shit geyser less than a year ago, and I'm already pressured to turn off The Walking Dead when the kid is around. He's not even a year old, he doesn't understand or care about anything on TV, yet I'm supposed to bow before his supposed sensitivities.
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 :lol: I know what you mean! I hate censorship with a passion. I was watching an explicit XXX movie with a friend and his wife. Their toddler son came out of the bedroom sucking on a bottle, stopped and bobbed his head up and down watching the movie. My friend and I started laughing and his wife and mine had a fit. On this original forum a person got mad at me for using the word fuck because her little boy reads the forum topics. This is crazy, because if they know what it means it can't hurt them, and if they don't it can't. My wife's mother was a very strict Catholic that should have been a Nun; My wife was driving her to Church one day and a car cut her off---my wife  yelled out the window of the car calling him a fucking idiot. Her mother said she didn't know what she said, but if she did she would have said the same thing. My wife wouldn't tell her what it meant.  :rotflmao: Solitary
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If all of us that endures is our genetic material through our offspring then perhaps children are worthy of our "worship." That said, I agree that some parents are annoying and some have no idea how to be a parent. When I am exposed to some little demon on an airplane or at a restaurant I trying to remember that I only have to deal with this chaos for an hour but these parents live with this 24/7.

BTW, today my partner and I were chatting while stand in line at a café when we realized someone had joined our conversation. I look down and there is a little girl in a princess dress, her huge eyes staring up at me from behind a huge ice cream cone, memorized by whatever I was saying. My partner and I both burst out laughing!


'Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners' - George Carlin


I don't think parents doting on their kids is anything new, but I find it annoying sometimes.  Some kids are truly good kids.  Maybe they even deserve some doting, but then there are the spoiled brats with parents that can't accept that their kids are out of control.  Parenting is a strange thing to me.  It's a given for most people, but I never wanted kids of my own, so I never understood what the almost universal fuss is all about. 

But parents do love their kids.  Raising kids is a big responsibility, but some parents seem to lose perspective.  Perhaps most do, at least to some degree when it comes to kids.


Well yeah true, and its obvious there are people who simply shouldn't have children because they don't know children or are prepared for raising them, leading to the child being raised poorly and with a bad opinion of the world. That is another issue and I am in full support of people who wish to raise children but can't give birth to them for whatever reason, or gay parents.
I just.. cringe whenever all I hear from people is how perfect and amazing their children are, even when they do things adults do like taking a shit.
'Political correctness is fascism pretending to be manners' - George Carlin


I've got two boys, 13 and 16.  Believe me, they are a handful.  But my wife and I wanted kids, so we knew, or thought we knew what we were signing up for.  They are by no means perfect.  They are flawed in many ways, just like everyone else.  I guess my satisfaction or enjoyment in raising them comes from the fact that I know I will be leaving two humans on the earth that I have tried to raise the right way.  I haven't tried to brainwash them with bullshit.  I haven't tried to instill them with racial bigotry.  I haven't tried to censor them in any way.  I have just tried to show them how to live life and let others live their lives.  Hopefully, they will pass this on to their children, and their children will pass it on to theirs, and so on.  And if enough of us do this, maybe someday the world will be a better place. 
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Kids, meh... It is hard enough to raise a good dog much less a kid.
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I hate kids, small ones anyway. I don't see me having any, however I concede that I probably couldn't tell my female no

But at the moment, no, I don't' particularly like kids, I don't like how everyone worships them, and I don't see reproducing as the ultimate thing for people to achieve, which is sort of a running thing around my area.

The fact that I'm the last male of my line is irrelevant to what I want to achieve over the course of my existence.
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Quote from: GrinningYMIR on August 21, 2014, 11:01:32 PM
The fact that I'm the last male of my line is irrelevant 
Same here, although I doubt that perpetuating the lineage is anymore than one small reason in what is a complex decision.  Now that I think about it, I've known couples who desperately wanted kids, but were not finding it easy to conceive.  I never asked them WHY they wanted kids.  I have no idea how they would justify the need.  It's possible that the need is simply animal and instinctual, and the reasoning involved is irrelevant bullshit.  People seldom talk about why they want kids. 

I saw a church sign the other day that read, "Babies are a Blessing".  That's someone's opinion, but it doesn't even begin to explain people's choices or needs.  It's just telling people what they're supposed to think.  I'm at a total loss to understanding why people say they want them.


I love (most) kids. And I hope to have some later on in life; two or three would be great. I personally also see this 'spoiling-worship' more often with parents with only one child. I think if you have multiple children you tend to spoil them less and are forced to acknowledge that they have their flaws when they have an argument amongst themselves.
I don't think my parents ever told my brother, sister or me that we were perfect. They pointed out what we were good at and what were our good qualities. But they didn't fear acknowledging our flaws and made us accept these (and in some cases this helped us work on them). You don't need to blind to your child's negative characteristics to still love him/her unconditionally.

BTW, you also notic this sometimes with people and their pets. For instance; my brother and his wife never say anything bad about their cat, excuse her flaws and keep going on and on about how cute and funny and all around lovely she is. And they spoil the fuck out of that animal.
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Most Boomers are grand-parents and their children are adults.

Other than that, yes, the Boomers are spoiled rotten.  Now that the previous generations aren't giving them everything on a platter, they're taking everything from the next generations.
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Yeah... it's the Yuppie scum who are the worst examples of what Carlin is talking about.  Although I did love his comment about obsessive 'diaper-sniffers.'  Baby Boomers were born between 1945 and 1964 which means most of them are coming up on Social Security not child-bearing.
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