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Super AIDS no longer biggest threat

Started by widdershins, February 14, 2013, 06:35:35 PM

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Remember the good old days when all you had to worry about was Super AIDS?  Those days are gone.  Now it's Super Gonorrhea we need to worry about.  You may be cumming, but it's already here...
This sentence is a lie...


They've also discovered an untreatable strain of Tuberculosis. Mother Nature hates us.  :cry:


And this belongs in the "tell a joke" forum?
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The virus looks something like this.

(Since this is the joke forum I don't feel bad about this.)


Quote from: "caseagainstfaith"And this belongs in the "tell a joke" forum?
Come on.  "Super AIDS" is a South Park reference and who can say "Gonorrhea" without a childish snicker?  And that last line?  Yes, venereal disease is a serious issue, but that doesn't mean we can't find it funny when Cheech is talking with a funny accent saying, "Before I met you, I had hairpiece on my head" with "hairpiece" sounding like "herpes"?

That is why it's in the "Tell a joke or two" section.  Because the story was told in jest.  Perhaps I'm just not that funny.  :cry:
This sentence is a lie...