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A justifiable murder?

Started by gussy, February 14, 2013, 09:44:27 PM

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Quote from: "Plu"You seem to be channeling a large amount of "asshole" there.
Reflecting it, anyway.


Right - if the whole world disagrees with you, you're not wrong.
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It's not about disagreement, it's about the way in which you folks disagree with others.  Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.  Give it and you get it.  I couldn't care less about disagreement, I only care about he way in which you do it.


Quote from: "buttfinger"Speeding.  Merp.

Speed limits are well lower than is safe to operate a vehicle in the area they are posted.  Very seldom is it warranted that they be as low as they are.
Quote from: "buttfinger"15 years driving experience is all I need.  IDGAF if you agree with me or not.
So your 15 years of driving experience gives you the knowledge that speed limits all over the entire world are in the absolute vast majority of cases far too low? Visited and driven in the majority of the countries in the world? No? How can you claim this then?

Quote from: "PapaSmurf34"But the onset of symptoms of low blood sugar can in some cases be very rapid. The driver in question could have been feeling fine when he got behind the wheel and then had a sudden onset of hypoglycemia. I could sit here and talk more about diabtetes and hypoglysemia but that wasn't my point. My point was at the time of the shooting the father did not have all the facts and couldn't have known the driver's BAC. He was not justified legally in what he did. Trust me my sympathies are with the man who lost two children and not with the drunk driver. I hate when people drive drunk and think it is a very serious crime that should have harsher penalties than it already has, but that doesn't mean the father was justified in shooting the driver and he should be convicted for the crime he commited.
If you suddenly feel unfit to drive you should stop as soon as is safely possible.

As for your actual point, I do agree with you that the killing was unlawful.

Quote from: "buttfinger"And the circle-jerk begins.
Quote from: "buttfinger"
Quote from: "Plu"You seem to be channeling a large amount of "asshole" there.
Reflecting it, anyway.
So everyone else is being an asshole, despite it being you who is calling two people agreeing with someone else a "circle-jerk" without any justification other than you felt like antagonising people?
Quote from: "buttfinger"It's not about disagreement, it's about the way in which you folks disagree with others.  Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.  Give it and you get it.  I couldn't care less about disagreement, I only care about he way in which you do it.
You've been rather rude to people simply for agreeing with something that I said.


Quote from: "drunkenshoe"
Quote from: "Plu"
QuoteThe thing is though, driving drunk isn't a mistake. It is a decision that your convienience of getting where you want to go easily without having to walk, take a taxi or take public transport is more important than the lives of everybody you're endangering by driving drunk/high. It is an abhorrent thing to do and it isn't an accident, it is simply just not caring that you're risking killing someone's wife/brother/son/girlfriend/daughter so that you can get home more quickly.

This. So much.


lol, marquee. HTML ROOLZ!


Quote from: "Thumpalumpacus"Understandable, but not justifiable.
A cynical habit of thought and speech, a readiness to criticise work which the critic himself never tries to perform, an intellectual aloofness which will not accept contact with life’s realities â€" all these are marks, not as the possessor would fain to think, of superiority but of weakness. -TR


It was unlawful, and it was unjustified, but I wouldn't put him in prison for it. What point would there be? The reason murderers should go to prison isn't for the sake of punishing them, that's stupid. Murderers go to jail in order to prevent them from murdering them again. Screw the law. There is a fine line between revenge and justice.
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Not sending him to prison will send out a message though. That's probably not what you want, because it'll start happening more.


I'll agree that I think it's understandable, but not justifiable. I think it would be different, had the father had the weapon on him and he acted out of a fit of rage and despair. Going to his house and back to retrieve a weapon, I think, creates a grey area. Who is to say how long his rage should have been appropriate to persist? Is there even an appropriate period of time on that short of a time scale to get your head back after watching two of your kids get slaughtered in a grisly way? I'm not sure anyone else caught it, but they were rear-ended while the kids were pushing. They were crushed in plain sight. As a father of two, I know I'd be damn-near psychotic in that situation.

Speaking as someone with anger issues, I can almost imagine being in such a frenzy that I could storm into my house with only one thought in my head, collect my gun, and get back to the offender. That's a big part of what being enraged is: only being able to hold one (angry) thought in your head at a time. He might have a case if he tries to call it a Crime of Passion.

As far as being on a jury: if the question is murder, then yes, he definitely murdered another human being, evidence withstanding. I seriously doubt he'll get off, but I'm not sure sending him to prison on a life sentence is actually making society safer. He needs to be punished, sure, but I don't really think putting him away is making the world safer.
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Quote from: "buttfinger"What a well-reasoned response.  And insightful too.

Quit with the character assassination and make a real response.

character assassination? really? i've made real responses. you post something you'd find in Rage Against the Machine lyrics.
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Quote from: "Colanth"Butt, more than your 15 years of actually investigating accidents says that if you ever have a clue about motor vehicle accidents, it'll be your first one.  The claim that about 1/3 of accidents were caused by speeding sounds about right.  (Depending on conditions, 30mph in a 55mph zone could be excessive - something your 15 years of experience probably hasn't taught you yet.)

what does caused by speed mean? too fast compared to reaction times?
God bless those Pagans
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Quote from: "Plu"
Quote from: "buttfinger"
Quote from: "Plu"Is the road safe for people with 1 month of driving experience as well? It's kinda useless if it's safe for you and everyone else gets themselves killed.
The road is no more or less safe for anyone on it, regardless of experience, or even if they're the vehicle's operator.

This just sounds so stupid it makes me think you are joking. The road doesn't become any less safe if people drive faster? Are you serious?

if this was the point he was making he would still have a valid point.


[spoil]Following the 1973 oil crisis and the U.S. government's imposition of a national 55 mph (88 km/h) limit, statistical analyses indicate highway safety worsened. And when Congress finally repealed federal speed limits in November 1995, to much caterwauling from the "speed-kills" crowd, with dire predictions of 6,400 increased deaths and a million additional injuries, the actual effect was diametrically opposite. Traffic deaths dropped to a record low by 1997, including in the 33 states that had immediately raised their speed limits. Meanwhile, Americans saved about 200 million person-hours in terms of less time spent on the road, with a reported net economic benefit of higher speed limits of $2 billion to $3 billion a year. A U.S. National Research Council panel pegged the cost of the 55-mph limit at about one billion person-hours per year./spoil]

if you want 100% safe roads, don't allow cars on them.
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I don't think this was justifiable, but it is understandable. Before I read the article, and the article finally got to the order of events, I thought the guy went and killed the guy days later, but it was right after it happened. This could make for a good temporary insanity plea or something like that. Heat of the moment and shit. But that doesn't mean it was justified.


Quote from: "buttfinger"15 years driving experience is all I need.  IDGAF if you agree with me or not.
If you can't drive under the posted speed limit, then you are not in control of your vehicle.

Not being in control of your vehicle automatically puts you at fault if you have an accident.

Guess what happens to you if you kill someone doing that?
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