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Is Objectivism a Religion?

Started by Bobby_Ouroborus, February 14, 2013, 05:38:30 PM

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Jason Harvestdancer

So you are saying it would look like current modern Detroit?  I never knew the problem there was a lack of government.
White privilege is being a lifelong racist, then being sent to the White House twice because your running mate is a minority.<br /><br />No Biden, no KKK, no Fascist USA!


Conviction rates have an effect on crime.  It's anecdotal, but in one Middle Eastern country, the supposed penalty for drunk driving is being taken 25 miles out in the desert and having to walk back to the city - barefoot.  No one has ever violated that law more than twice.  (Some people are REALLY stupid.)

It's not lack of government, it's lack of effective enforcement.  If every thug were convicted of every crime he committed, there would be a lot less crime.  Five years for a $50 holdup will eventually seem useless even to the stupidest criminal.  Knowing that only 10% of criminals are even charged (that's the rate in most US cities) makes crime pretty attractive.
Afflicting the comfortable for 70 years.
Science builds skyscrapers, faith flies planes into them.


"Religion" can be loosely defined so that it can be applied to Objectivism.  It would be in poor taste, done so with the intent to insult.

If you loosely define Religion in this way can you differentiate it from Philosophy?  If the answer is no then Objectivism can be considered a religion as long as religion is indistinguishable from philosophy.