Joseph P: In regards to the Multiverse thread.

Started by Moriarty, March 18, 2014, 10:16:53 PM

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The theory you discounted in the other thread became a lot more feasible yesterday according to many of the scientists in the articles I've read on it.

Not attacking you with this post my man, just wondering if this at all changes your ideas on the theory?
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"Lends credence to" is not a smoking gun. I have a wait and see attitude, I think most do.


It doesn't alter anything about the muliverse. What this new observation does is:

1) it makes the case for gravity being quantized: after four decades of futility in trying to quantize gravity, many were of the opinion that gravity was a different force that couldn't be quantized. The main suggestion was that it is an emerging phenomenon, others that it was an entropic force, and so on. This new discovery sort of filters out these ideas, and puts a quantum theory of gravity back in the driving seat.

2) It a direct confirmation of Alan Guth`s theory of inflation. Any cosmological theory that doesn`t include inflation is pretty much ruled out.

3) It`s an indirect confirmation of the existence of gravity waves as predicted by Einstein`s General Relativity. It`s the second one, the first was the signal from a binary star in which the energy emitted can be calculated from gravitational waves.

4) It also puts back into the spotlight GUT`s. I explained that