Is Freefall Proof of Controlled Demolition?

Started by AtheistMoFo, January 19, 2014, 09:48:42 PM

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I am starting this new topic as a fork from the discussion of Israel and its  history of false flag attacks.  In that discussion, I stated that World Trade Center Building No. 7 was brought down in a controlled demolition.  Obviously, controlled demolition shoots holes in the official conspiracy theory that "al qaeda dunnit (with no insider help)" and raises the question of who on the inside helped Osama bin Laden and his merry band of 19 jihadists.  Please keep in mind that I don't know who brought WTC 7 down.  I am not flat out accusing the israel and/or the jews, (I only say they had the motive, the technical expertise, and a long history of covert false flag attacks).  But one thing I do know for a fact: "normal office fires" could not have possibly brought WTC 7 down at freefall acceleration.


Anyone who has studied high school physics would know that the definition of freefall is an object being pulled to the ground by gravity with nothing to resist its fall.  CORRECTION: Anyone who has learned high school physics (big difference between studied and learned).  So if there was structural resistance at 5:20:00 PM but at 5:20:01 PM there was zero resistance, how is that possible?  Other than controlled demolition, it isn't.

As further proof of this, I offer that at a technical briefing on August 26, 2008, NIST director Dr. S. Shyam Sunder even said so.  (At the time of the briefing, NIST's official position was that freefall did not occur.)  However, even NIST subsequently had to admit freefall when it stared them in the face, and they admit it in their final report.  Note that the report did not even attempt to explain this discrepancy with the laws of nature because they knew full well that controlled demolition is in fact the only plausible explanation.

Anyone have any theories about how the laws of physics were suspended for a few seconds on September 11, 2001?  (If your theory is that Allah did it, first you will have to prove Allah exists!  chuckle #-o  chuckle #-o )

Technical briefing where Dr. Sunder denies possibility of freefall

NIST Final Report, confirming that freefall did occur


In other news, tin foil stocks plummet as hat manufactures decide tin foil doesn't seem to sell well on hatwear.  :shock:

the thing is that even though something fishy happened the official gubnit line is and will continue to be terrorism.
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You know, the government supposedly knew about the attack and diverted airplanes that could have intercepted the hijacked airliners... perhaps the U.S. government was actually the one behind the attack!

How else would you explain them getting enough explosives into the WTC without noticing?!?!

And then, what if like... hold your tits... the U.S. government is the one pushing the "Jews did it!" because they know the conspiracy theorists who are onto them will by it!

But then what if Israel was the one that told the U.S. government to promote this conspiracy so that people didn't blame the American government but also knew that America wouldn't do shit towards Israel!?


Holy shit. 9/11 proves that the Nazi's actually won WW2 and the U.S. government answers to Hitler himself.

On a serious note...

Quote..."normal office fires" ...

Yes, buildings have jets full of fuel and a shit load of kinetic force run into them often enough that we consider it a "normal office fire"...
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Conspiracy theories, like the twin towers, fall apart under their own weight.

Hijiri Byakuren

There's a video somewhere showing that the side of Building 7 facing the Twin Towers was completely shredded and pretty much standing on toothpicks toward the end. (I seem to have lost the link, but I think it was dprjones who featured it in one of his debunking videos.) It would be far more surprising if it hadn't collapsed, given what the video shows.
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Time for the "911 Truthers" to fade away for good... they're as embarrassing as Creationists and Birthers.
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Oh...Obama did it.

Just to clear things up.. :popcorn:
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Have you ever heard the phrase "straw that broke the camel's back"? I'm going to assume that you have, and if you haven't you can Google it.

Anyways imagine you're a happy little office building, doing what happy little office building do. You have two really tall neighbors, and all of you are good friends. One sunny, clear morning you see a plane in the distance going a bit lower than usual, but you think nothing about it.

Then, suddenly, HOLY FUCKING SHIT the plane slams head first into one of your neighbors. You're fine for the moment, but your neighbor looks badly hurt. You and your other neighbor try to console him for a while, but then FUCK FUCK FUCK another goddamn plane hits your other neighbor. Once again you're ok for the most part, some damage here and there but nothing major.

At this point you're pretty fucking scared; what if a plane hits you? You're sitting there worrying when all of a sudden WHAT IN THE EVER LOVING FUCK your buddy just collapses into a pile of rubble! Fucking gigantic pieces of metal and burning material slam into you. You're badly hurt now: you're on fire, huge pieces of you are gone, but you think you'll make it. The shock from the first building going down has barely passed when JESUS TITTY FUCKING CHRIST your other friend goes down. Once again large pieces of metal and burning shit slam into you with no mercy. You're really badly hurt now; there's a really big gash in your side and a really fucking hot fire raging inside you.

Hours pass and the fire burns on. Your steel beams aren't melting, but they are buckling under the intense heat of the inferno. What isn't helping the matter is the fact that large pieces of you are missing, thus transferring the load onto the already damaged and weakened beams. The fire burns and burns, and the beams get weaker and weaker. Eventually they get so weak that they can't hold up your weight anymore, and the floors above come crashing down. In the span of a few seconds you, along with all your hopes and dreams, are nothing more than a pile of rubble.
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^I doubt even explained in a narrative will get through their tinfoil-hat protection.
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The only conspiracies that happened in 9/11 are the cover ups to keep our government look like they are competent and save our nation from even a larger embarrassment of why they couldn't catch it and prevent it from happening, or at least one less plane...

Which I do understand one went down in PA but it is still the fact that all 4 intended planes got hijacked, what happen next is what we all know, yet not one hijacking was prevented from occurring. I want to be clear on the fact that 4 planes did get hijacked whether or not they made it to their intended targets. That's the stab in the ass and where the cover-ups began, IMO.


It's been over ten years.  Bury your dead and get on with life.
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Quote from: "Jason78"It's been over ten years.  Bury your dead and get on with life.

I concur. But we seem to like to mull over shit. They are still fighting the Civil War here in some places.


Quote from: "barbarian"The only conspiracies that happened in 9/11 are the cover ups to keep our government look like they are competent and save our nation from even a larger embarrassment of why they couldn't catch it and prevent it from happening, or at least one less plane...
And, of course, the one in which 19 religious hijackers conspired to fly planes into buildings.
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Some of you may be wondering why I posted this in the "other religions" category.  Or even if you are not, I will inform you anyway.  Simply because like theists, many of you stand on the claim that you have long held despite no hard evidence of what you believe.  In fact, even when it is proven without a doubt to be false, you still can not give up your faith that the muslims did it and the israelis are innocent.

Exactly as I predicted.  There are 13 posts attacking my OP with straws at the time of this writing.  NOT EVEN ONE person who posted here even bothers to come up with a lame ass excuse of how the laws of physics could have been suspended for a few seconds on September 11.  My point was, and still is, freefall is impossible if controlled demolition is ruled out.

Instead of trying to refute what is obviously true, people make assinine remarks about tinfoil hats.  How does that prove freefall was possible without controlled demolition?  Links that don't work.  Links to WTC 1 and WTC 2 but no links related to WTC 7.  Parodies about the US government being behind the attacks.  More nonsense about conspiracy theories.  BUT NOT ONE FUCKIN MENTION of the laws of physics and how they were supposedly suspended on that day.

I believe this proves my point.  Freefall is proof of controlled demolition.  Nobody can refute that.  No one has tried.  Only a lot of unrelated garbage.  Just like any other theist when cornered.  Hurl a lot of insults and slurs.  Ignore the facts and keep babbling about stuff that has nothing to do with what the OP said.

What do you guys call your religion anyway?  The religion of Conspiracy By 19 Jihadists?  Osama's Angels?  Church of the 72 Virgins?