TPP Leaks-SOPA Like Elements Confirmed

Started by _Xenu_, November 19, 2013, 05:16:55 PM

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To no ones surprise, the MPAA is up to their old tricks. This time though, they're trying to sneak their wishes into the TPP, a secrective international trade treaty. The basic idea is to not release the text until negotionations are finished, then pressure congress to pass it quickly and without proper discussion. Unfortunately for them, the IP section of the treaty was released on Wikileaks lately and the worst has been confirmed. Guess which country is pushing the most extreme pro-copyright laws? Among other things, the US is pushing to criminalize even low level file sharing, severely limit fair use, eliminate the first sale doctrine(no used media sales), export the notorious no-tampering with DRM rules in the DMCA, and normalize the outrageous fines for sharing that exist in the US. Read the analysis here. ... right.html
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