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Where Do We Begin the Story From??

Started by dark1979, September 28, 2013, 02:27:29 PM

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Abdel Halim Hafez - Where Do We
Begin the Story From? (Beautiful Song)
If we told it, my darling, where
would we begin the start
We are the story of our love
It has more than a beginning
We lived in it, oh how we life
I experienced things in it, oh the
things we experienced
But we walked and completed
the journey of love
And arrived
And the world could not resist us
Or divide us or push us apart
Let's tell others
You and I
How we could have distanced
ourselves from any torment
And live as lovers forever
Embracing our joy together
And making love young
You and I met on our journey
Many things hurt others
Jealousy and its thoughts and
that which comes from it
The day it approached us our
love backed away from it
And we met the envious ones
and they saw us
And they thought nothing of
passing us
And they talked about us, oh
how they talked
While our love never changed
And you traveled and I traveled
As the days prolonged the travel
And our hearts were reuinted
with every rise of the moon
And if our footsteps drew us
The sweetness of desire drew us
closer together
Where does the antagonism
come from?
And from where came the
When we are among our hearts
every moment is celebration
In a moment we stood and
began our fear
And we found around us the
world was foggy
And the night and heart were
Like leaves of a tree in the
autumntime thrown by the wind
We asked our souls why?
More than our love, what is
But the fear did not last between
And we knew and saw and felt
I see love eyes and a whisped
but I see
The love talk of lovers my darling
is the talk of the lips
You beside me at every occassion
It gathers us and the sights go
far with me
When I see we find it is two
together melting in the touch of
a hand
You tell me I fear we'll walk and
grow apart
This love is ruthless and is
playing with us
What are you afraid of?
What is more beautiful than an
embrace that warms us
You tell me look a the moon with
me look at the moon
That the lovers spend their
nights for
Sweetness of the moon, but
sweeter than the moon
If we someday make our so that
we taste love
And our fears were renewed
after we stopped
And with the beat of our hearts
we knew what the cure was
We lived love as a fantasy and a
reality together
??? ?????? ???? - ????? ????
??????? ?
?? ????? ?? ?????.. ????? ???? ????????
Build a
fire a
thousand miles
away to light my long
way home
I ride a comet
My trail is long to stay
Silence is a heavy
There are times my
Born to walk against the
No matter where I stand