The Honest Liar - What does a villain see in the mirror?

Started by josephpalazzo, July 10, 2013, 07:55:17 AM

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Quote"Cognitive dissonance is hard-wired into us, a magic trick of sorts our brains play on us in order to make us feel right, or at least to prevent us from feeling too bad about being wrong, and even doing wrong."


Thanks for the video josephpalazzo ! Very interesting, I never realized why the jerks of the world could be so arrogant about the horrible things they do. OJ was a good example, he always has a proud smirkey look on his face when he talks about butchering his wife and Goldman.  :cry:  Solitary
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So that's the excuse all the liars I've ever known.. It's hard wired into me man!
To which I say, fuck you liars..

Pssst..lying is a ssssssinnnnnnn! :)
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In some cases, it is important to lie. A lie can be something where the safety of yourself and others is kept. Most of these casses nobody is at win without somebody losing.
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When I was living in Japan, I came across a palm reader.  He had practiced his "art" in the U.S. and spoke excellent English.  He told me that doctors wives had more money then they knew what to do with.  So, he let them give it to him.  

I really think he thought what he was doing was good.  He was making the "rich" doctor's wives feel good and "letting" them give him money.  He wore a fur coat and had diamond rings on his hands.  Yeah, just like how pimps are portrayed on TV, minus the hat though.  So, he must have been doing pretty well.  He also seemed to think he really could read the future by reading someone's palm.  Takes all kinds, doesn't it.   :rolleyes:


Quote from: "LikelyToBreak"He also seemed to think he really could read the future by reading someone's palm.
He really made you believe that he thought that he could read the future by reading someone's palm?  Then he was really good, since that's the whole trick - making you believe that he believes.
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