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Faux news at it again

Started by WitchSabrina, February 19, 2013, 06:26:56 AM

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Wow, they continue to lower the bar on stupidity.

Did you notice they were saying that 20% of the holidays in the handbook are Wiccan, then the other guy says "I'd like to get 20 holidays!"  FFS, 20% is not necessarily 20.  But hey, pretty much everything coming out of their mouths was incorrect, so no surprise.
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Alaric I

The stupid..... It hurts my brain.  I love how they are talking about "Pagan holidays being 20%".  You mean like Christmas (Yule)?  or Easter? Yes, I can see them getting 20% when you put holiday's into context.


Good ole Christian equality. We should be grateful to live in a country where no one is discriminated against. A christian country *wretches and convulses*
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Hey at least they didn't ask if meteor strikes were caused by global warming.
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Well, nothing says that your god is almighty like complaining about other, threatening holidays.  Pretty soon, they're gonna have to make people pledge allegiance to him along with the flag.

Oh, wait.
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I lost it "tradition in this country [presumably, the separation of church and state which Fox Noise periodically attacks] is what allows people to be Pagans and Wiccans and to enjoy their lives freely.  Good luck doing that in any other country".   :|

Yeaaahhh...Wiccans and Pagans actually can freely practice their religion in many other countries.  And historically, that's sort of what they were doing before the Christians came...

And if you dominist assholes keep it up, they definitely won't be able to practice their religion in this country.

So yeah...fails all around.  Great job.