Pastor tries to throw McDonald's worker into fryer

Started by Hydra009, January 01, 2024, 03:52:30 PM

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QuoteHe turned up at the fast food joint to assist his wife, Latoya Gladney, who is a manager-in-training at the branch, per police investigation records that Business Insider has seen.

Gladney, 44, had called her husband to help handle employees who she told police were "disrespecting" her.

On entering the restaurant, police say Waden walked straight around the counter and launched an assault on a 34-year-old cook.

"The offender came into the McDonalds on S Main Street, walked around the counter and placed his hands around the neck of the victim pushing his head toward the deep fryer," the police investigation found.

I just love reading about my home state in the national news :/

The workers managed to fight him off and save the life of their coworker - something that's definitely not in their job description and far beyond their pay grade.

The pastor was charged merely for assault which seems ludicrously lenient considering that he attempted to kill someone.  Afaik, the wife wasn't charged at all, despite instigating the whole thing.

And finally, this is just the latest in an extremely long line of pastor criminal activity.  Seems like every other day there's something really heinous going down related to some religious leader or another.  Drag queens have gotten a lot of fearmongering lately, but pastors - not drag queens - are the ones making headlines like this.

Luther Martini


Well, if they'd've charged the guy with attempted murder he would've screamed about persecution! 🤣
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I see that's also the home of the world's largest chest of drawers! 🤣
I guess that's why it's called "the furniture capital of the world."
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"There is a sucker born-again every minute." - C. Spellman