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Black Cleopatra

Started by Susan, August 08, 2023, 01:21:18 AM

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Do you personally care that Netflix has released a documentary/docudrama about Cleopatra casting a biracial actress? And do you think that the critics are being mostly racist?


What's Netflicks?


Hadn´t even heard of this.
Not really enticed to drive deeper, personally, either.
So, I guess: question 1, no. Question 2, I wouldn´t know.
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Mike Cl

Don't buy into the concept of 'races'.  We are humans--period.  Humans originated from the same place and fanned out from there.  That makes us all African. The different skin colors, eye color, hair color, etc is because of environment and not because there are different races.   
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Americans perception of historical people stem from movies made by white Americans in the 50-60's, so they expect a white person because they are too ignorant to know her actual history, the actual timeline and the fact that she most certainly had a much better tan than the average white band....
get it?
Average white band?
LOL....sometimes I crack meeself up....
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Nah, I don't personally care about anything Netflix does or doesn't do.
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I completely forgot about that show. Yeah, it would have been better if they had picked someone whose ethnicity matched the actual person they were playing, but I probably wouldn't have seen it either way, so...
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Who's to say that Cleopatra wasn't dark skinned? 🤔
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"There is a sucker born-again every minute." - C. Spellman


Fucking douches not contributing to the thread/topic.


Considering she was a Greek, having an African play her does seem "odd" at best...

Given the company, my guess is it was intentionally done with the intention to be shocking and inflammatory as to build artificial drama and hype over their show, which hey... if it works, it's good marketing.

Morally bankrupt, a joke when compared to actual history, and outright harmful to society... but good at selling a movie.
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I'm pretty sure this is not the first time Cleopatra has been portrayed by a black woman.


I found this on the interwebz:

"This is not a revision. No one on this earth is capable of saying what Cleopatra physically looked like. The documentary is based on the premise that the Macedonians, who have been settled in Egypt for three centuries, have had time to intermingle with the local aristocracy. And that is entirely possible".

Seems reasonable to me.

Jason Harvestdancer

Quote from: Unbeliever on August 10, 2023, 01:38:03 AMWho's to say that Cleopatra wasn't dark skinned? 🤔

Egypt, apparently.  The government hates this series.
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