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Started by artemisclark, March 13, 2023, 04:29:11 AM

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I am brand new to the forum and I expect to make good online friends here and also share some interesting thoughts!


Welcome, artemisclark, to our little band of heathens.
"If we have to go down, we go down together!"
- Your mum, last night, requesting 69.

Atheist Mantis does not pray.


Welcome. We are always intrigued by "interesting thoughts".
A humans desire to live is exceeded only by their willingness to die for another. Even god cannot equal this magnificent sacrifice. No god has the right to judge them.-first tenant of the Panotheust


Welcome indeed! Interesting thoughts are good, but sometimes a religious chew toy is fun too... 😎
God Not Found
"There is a sucker born-again every minute." - C. Spellman

Dark Lightning

Mike Cl

Welcome, art!  Hope your stay is a good one.
Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?<br />Then he is not omnipotent,<br />Is he able but not willing?<br />Then whence cometh evil?<br />Is he neither able or willing?<br />Then why call him god?