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Started by the_antithesis, December 31, 2022, 06:21:24 PM

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So, as part of my growing foray into electronics and totally fucking things up, I've managed to turn my Raspberry Pi 400 into a kind of home server using Samba, which is a SMB protocol. I would put "whatever the fuck that is" after that, but I'd be doing that for most of this stuff, so let's just assume it's there.

Anyway, I got it to connect successfully to my laptop and phone so I can stream video and such. This means the 1TB SD card in my phone is kind of redundant because I can just stream stuff over the web. At least on my home wifi, which is also new to me and I haven't played with that much yet. I'll have to test it on another location or even over the 5G network at some point.

The ultimate idea here is to use this with my little word processor:

Currently working on case designs so it'll be like a finished project. But if I can get the "cloud" connection working, I'll be able to use it and save to the hard drive at home instead of the USB stick you can kind of see in the photo. I'll have to get out one of my Pi Zero W's for this and then figure out how to log into wifi via the Lite version of the Raspberry OS.

I kind of like using the CLI on the Lite OS because it reminds me of using computers in the 80's. None of this point and click gubbins.

Anyway, the PI would probably do better using NFS protocol, which is not available in the home version of Windows 10, so I'd either have to use a separate client or pay to upgrade to the Pro version, and the client didn't seem to want to work, but it was probably the user not know what the hell to do to make it work right. I can use Samba on the Lite, I guess, but what little I've found suggests NFS would be better Pi to Pi.

Anyone else have experience with doing this sort of thing?

I have to say, I'm kind of surprised I'm doing this, much less that I got it to work, problems with Windows NFS aside. I can kind of see the appeal of the cloud, now. But not using some service. But services make sense if I think about it. I wouldn't have to do any of the work to make this shit work, That's why I pay them to do it. But I'm uninterested in having another monthly bill, even if it's only $10 or whatever cloud storage costs these days. Especially if I can set it up right on the equipment I already own.