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Killing Allah by one topic

Started by Eclectic, December 17, 2022, 12:56:43 PM

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People think that their current religion is inherited. For example, if you ask a Muslim, why are you Muslim? He says that my father was a Muslim, so I will remain a Muslim. In order to propagate Islam among other religions, Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, told the followers of different religions and Muslims that a person should not inherit the religion of his father and asked the followers of other religions not to use this as an excuse, because a person should choose the best among opinions and thoughts. But when Muhammad saw that the people had understood the faults of Islam and would not convert to Islam, he converted everyone to Islam with the sword and creating terror. But according to F.M. Sokhan, people in Iran and the world did not convert to Islam with logical proof that they need to provide logical proof to leave Islam. However, in this article we explain some things to prove that Islam and Allah are Satanic.

Now, Satan does not mean a creature with horns and tails, but a word that is used to call anything anti-human and anti-humanity.

Considering that the religion of Islam has claimed that felicity wants to provide the world for every human being, there should be no oppression in its laws, orders and teachings.

The criterion for recognizing the truth of a religion is that a person should evaluate the teachings of the religion with his conscience and intellect, see if there are injustices and defects in it or not, and whether its laws are in accordance with human nature or not.


Now let's examine the religion of Islam:
1- The Prophet of Islam claimed to be the one who announced the coming of Christ. If you are an atheist, it is clear that you neither accept Christianity nor Islam, so as an impartial member, you can compare and contrast the claims of Islam and Christianity. If there is a contradiction, Islam is not a follower of Christianity.


2- The religion of Islam is a thesis that justifies slavery, misogyny, anti-beauty, and anti-joy, and hooliganism is also in this thesis, and this thesis is the result of the spirit of the wild men of Arabia 1400 years ago, who sanctified and propagated hooliganism. ! For this reason, thugs and thugs of the Middle East are staunch supporters of Allah and Islam.
A) In the religion of Christ, man is the child of God, and in the theology of Christianity, there is a benevolent and close father-son relationship between man and God. But Prophet Muhammad, in order to establish his thesis in Islam's theology, introduces man as abd or bandeh, that is, the slave of God. It means that there is a distant and oppressive relationship between man and Allah. (God's Satanic nature is known. This was God's first attack on man and humanity)


b) The second step of Muhammad Rasulullah is his anti-womenism. He increased the sexual rights of men and introduced women as obeying men and introduced men as the owners of women's rights, and imposed a more limited sexual relationship and the ridiculous law of hijab on behalf of his false god, and the right to choose one's body and choose one's actions and decisions. It limited women very much, which is a slavery, patriarchal and anti-human policy.

Muhammad Rasulullah, like some of his companions, had a mental and sexual illness, so that if women's hair and necks were in his sight, he would have a crackpot and he thought that this was a crackpot specific to all men, and he invented and made hijab compulsory and made an indoctrinating philosophy to Men who don't have this crackpot of abusing women should get rid of it by reading more or less hadiths.

Most of the prophets of ancient religions were people who, if the beauty of a woman's body, such as legs, hands, etc., were seen, they would become anti-woman madmen and they have forbidden this visibility! And even these beauties were expressed with bad and disgusting words. (This was the second attack of God on man and humanity.)

The romantic and sexual relationship between a man and a woman is also in human nature and it is different depending on different people and it can be one to one, one woman with more men, one man with many women and many to many.

Also, in the great and powerful cultures, women and men have affectionate emotional relationships with their non-spouses or sexual partners with elite people.


c) The anti-joy and anti-beauty of Allah, who is the Satanic God of Muhammad, caused him to order singing, music and dancing, especially for women, to be haram and call it fahsha or
eshae-fahsha knew. And he declared painting and sculpting to be haram and these are also fahsha and spreading fahsha. That is, he called sexy women and artists the ugliest people. That is, he introduced slave owners and torturers as halal and good people, and introduced sexy women and innocent artists as the most ugly people!

After that, Muslim mobs started attacking the artists and all kinds of torture, obscenity and beating were theirs.
Everyone knows that art is part of human nature!
It was the art that prepared the human brain for other developments, prehistoric paintings and artworks on the walls of caves are among the first uses of the brain.
Also, compare the beauty of music and the voice of your beloved female singer with the voice of Ankrala aswat reciting the Qur'an, as if Allah is constipated and is speaking to you while straining.

The Prophet of Islam or his successors were so anti-women, anti-beauty and anti-happiness that they ordered the word faheshe, which means (the doer of the ugliest work in the world), to be reserved exclusively for women who do not follow Islamic law in hijab and sex, and artists! What a great injustice. None of them were sinful or bad and they are not, and for 1400 years this Satanic servant Muhammad in the name of Allah has oppressed women and artists. (This was the third attack of God on man and humanity.)

How good it is to do a good deed to fight against the evil God who has given the title of faheshe to the innocents, which you will read at the end of the article.


3- There are things that disturb the worldly happiness of human and if these things are not declared as haram, it will show the satanic nature of a religion. We do not expect what is anti-human and anti-humanity to be dictated to people by a religion or considered halal.

We see that the following things, which should be considered major sins and declared haram and forbidden, were declared by Muhammad through Allah's permission, halal and compulsion:

1- Slavery
2- Torture under cruel laws
3- Execution other than retribution
4- Prohibition of freedom of speech
5- Prohibition of promoting all kinds of religions
6- Jihad to promote Islam
7- The legality of looting and banditry in the world
8- Discrimination between men and women and discrimination between non-Muslims and Muslims

In the meantime, slavery is one of the most heinous, dirty, and ugly anti-human acts that has been and is ugly from the beginning of time. Whoever has a pure nature and conscience knows that slavery is cruelty and sin. It can be said that a prophet who did not forbid slavery and practiced slavery, for every month of slavery of each slave, a sin equivalent to one thousand thousand zina with his incest must be recorded for him! So slavery is fahsha and slave owners are faheshe. So Muhammad, Allah and the family of Muhammad were all faheshe and are.

The existence of terrible tortures in Islam shows that Allah is obsessed with torture and is not benevolent or reformer. Torture in Islam is cases such as flogging, amputation, stoning, burning, throwing from a height, and beating, which are permitted and mandatory in Islamic law. Because the punishment must be proportional to the crime, but this proportionality in Islam has led to torture, so Allah has spread crime and done an ugly thing against humanity and spread Fahsha. Allah and Muhammad are faheshe.

The previous two cases and the rest of the above-mentioned cases show that Allah should have declared many things as sinful, haram and forbidden, but he did not, and on the other hand, declaring sexual authorizations of women and art as haram shows that it is halal to declare harams, and Declaring halals as haram, Satan wants to give the biggest blows to human.

All of the above cases have put mankind under oppression and distress, defective social relations, hooliganism, hypocrisy, clashes, lack of security, elitism, art killing, and harassment of women and girls.
In fact, Islam is a social terror and Muslims are a social terrorist!

The situation of Western and Far Asian societies, whose laws are up-to-date, has proven that these modern laws, which have been obtained based on mind and conscience and experimental sciences, have made people's bodies and souls happy and ensured people's security in every way. while most of the people of those Islamic countries that are governed according to Islam are living in suffering and torment, dirtiness, shit, ugliness, backwardness, oppression, poverty and lack of security. You see, at the moment of writing this article, Afghanistan is a Hell is on earth, while the Taliban's way of ruling among the countries of the world is closest to the way of Muhammad Rasulullah and Ali, despite this, if they rule exactly like Muhammad and Ali, Afghanistan will be a thousand times poorer, more insecure and uglier than this! This is the real Fahsha. A devil named Allah has been very successful in Afghanistan and is still pouring his poison in Turkey and Malaysia, which are free, while the people of countries that have turned their backs on ancient religions and have adopted humanism, liberalism and other modern human religions as their religion. And they are freed from the captivity of ancient God-like demons and enjoy spiritual and material comfort.


Come to do a good act:
Let's say faheshe to Allah, Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, Hazrat Zahra, Shiite imams, promoters, missionaries and defenders of Islam in an anti-devil movement. Because he considers the most heinous and ugliest sins, which are slavery, torture, execution, jihad, looting, and discrimination, as halal and necessary, and he calls sexy women and artists, who are all innocent, corrupt and faheshe (the ugliest person in the world) and the ugliest promoter. They have nicknamed the action of the world.
fahsha means the ugliest work in the world and faheshe means the doer of the ugliest work in the world, so the real fahsha and faheshe are the following people:
faheshe = enjoining oppression and forbidding goodness = Allah = Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and his family
fahsha = Islam
Propagator of ugliness and evil = Quran = Hadith


To prove that an ancient or revealed religion is anti-human, it is not necessary to criticize all its cases. It is enough for that ancient or revealed religion to have said a news proposition with universal quantifier, so that we can declare that whole religion as satanic or invalid by proving only one wrong case. If this happens, that religion will not be worthy of legislation and its laws will not be valid.

Memorize this short article and tell a Muslim, either he is a person with conscience and intellect, so his mind will be awakened and he will be anti-Islam, or this person does not have intellect and conscience, but he is a cruel person, so he will start defending Islam, of course to defend From Islam, he uses either lies and sophistry or force, threats and swords

If you tell this to non-Muslims, they will never fall into the trap of Islam and they will all become enemies of Islam and Muslims.


QuoteThis is not a religious blog. First you have to demonstrate that any religion being discussed is actually valid and verifiable though scientific investigation.

Religion includes worldview and rules.
Religion is like a computer operating system that organizes other thoughts and actions.
The style of religions is either ancient or modern.
Modern religions are based on philosophy, experimental sciences and humanities.
Ancient style religions are based on revelation.

Ancient religions are not scientific in principle. Rather, the inventor of religion has claimed that the God of the world spoke to him and made him a ruler.

In the ancient religion, the inventor of the religion presents his own illusions, theories, and moods along with what he likes from other religions, as the world view and rules of the religion.

The inventor of ancient religions did not like his opinions and rulings to be criticized, protested and opposed. For this reason, he claimed that the creator of the world contacted him and made him the guardian and ruler of the people, and the opinions and rulings said by the creator of the religion are the opinions of the creator of the world.

Because the ancient religion claims that it was invented to make people happy in this world and the world after death, and it claims that its purpose is to support people in this world and the world after death.
So, if we explain in what cases a religion has voted or acted against humans and against humanity, then we have proven that the god of that religion does not want happiness and support for humans and is a devil, and it is no longer necessary to follow that religion. So all the laws of that religion are invalid and we should seek to follow a better religion.

Currently, the best religion to follow is non-heavenly humanism and liberalism.
Because practicing the philosophy of humanism and liberalism can bring comfort and peace and progress to women and men, but practicing an ancient religion such as Islam has nothing but misery in this world, and a religion that cannot build this world will not be suitable for the world after death.