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More retro "junk" that I have!

Started by nuclear, October 23, 2022, 12:43:39 PM

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Not really junk, but I do have some cool old computers in my possession!

First off, this is the old Windows 98 my dad bought back in the late 90s. (My brother was a baby; a few years before I was born, though I did use it some in the mid 2000s. Good times.)

It still does turn on (good sign!), but it doesn't display any picture when plugged into the monitor (I know the monitor isn't broken, as the other computer I have works just fine).

The insides are probably caked in dust, so it could definitely benefit from a deep cleaning inside and out.

Oh, speaking of the other computer I have, I got this one (Windows XP machine) from a thrift store a few weeks ago (I paid $30 for it):

This one actually works just fine, but I had to reinstall the OS, because I want to put my own stuff on there without the previous owner's crap getting in the way and slowing everything down.

And now I'm personalizing it with my own applications and cool wallpaper:

After I wiped it clean, I installed a USB WiFi adapter on it, so I can use WiFi on it.

The internet on it works ok, though a lot of websites don't display correctly or just don't load period. To be expected, I guess, due to how old this computer is.

This website loads just fine on the machine though, so that's good.

I also installed RealPlayer 8, so that I can have a nostalgic trip down memory lane with this cool visualization "Annabelle the Sheep." I use to really like to watch this visualization on that old Windows 98 computer when I was a little kid, so it's nice to see it again 16 years later:

Excuse me if the post was too long; I just wanted to show off some cool retro "junk" that I own.