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Citdael of You

Started by Hydra009, August 13, 2022, 01:20:42 AM

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I was kicking this idea around with my twin.  So let's assume that you've been gifted the ability to travel between dimensions like Sliders Rick and Morty.  Naturally, you meet up with your interdimensional selves and create a Citadel for all of you and maybe the occasional visitor or honorary resident.

What would your Citadel look like?  How would it be run?  What jobs would its society (i.e. a multitude of you) value and which would it despise?  What goals would you pursue?  Would you welcome anyone else there?


My citadel would be a defensive bulwark and refuge from the strife and irritating irrationality of non-me society.

Firstly, I would dump everything into making sure that it is well-protected from attack or invasion (given portal tech, procuring said protection is not impossible, but it's a hell of an undertaking)

My citadel would heavily focus on industry and technology to both defend itself and provide for itself. I'm not going to lie, a lot of robots will be brought in for industrial production and manual labor.

My citadel would also have a highly-esteemed fiction wing, because we all love a good story.  Also very good but not extravagent food.  Fried fish, tuna melts, citrus drinks, hearty soups and stews, salade ni├žoise, etc.  Not gonna lie, a lot of the food store names will be at least partially french.

A lot of alien fiction and foods would be imported as beneficial, but not strictly necessary goods.  Alien wildlife would be a huge curiosity, but owning alien life as a pet would be discouraged.  Aliens would be viewed either with mild curiosity or extreme disgust, depending on behavior.  Traditionalists and religious fundamentalists would be hated and never allowed onboard, even as guests.

Any major decisions would be handled by direct democracy - simple popular vote, secret ballot.  It would therefore have no clear leader.  A small elected bureaucracy will handle the remaining relatively trivial taks.

My citadel would strive to mantain such overwhelming defensive armaments that no space empire would dare attack it, and it would be so defensive and non-interventionist that none would see it as a threat, so it is intentionally likely to be seen as more trouble than it is worth.  I simply wish to be left in peace to continue my work.

I offered my twin brother (basically the multiversal version of me already) equal standing on my citadel so long as he doesn't cause trouble either within or without the citadel.  He stunned and disturbed me by suggesting that we use our technological edge to take over planets and destroy rival space empires.  He is no longer allowed on my citadel.


Rival space empires will use resources that you will eventually need, so you'd better get rid of them now. After all, there are billions of years to go in which to survive.
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Quote from: Unbeliever on August 13, 2022, 10:13:03 AMRival space empires will use resources that you will eventually need
Will they?  The universe is big.  Really, really big.  There's bound to be plenty of unclaimed real estate with all the raw resources you'd ever need.  And no offense, but fighting over resources is a very planetary mindset.

And the beauty of portal tech is that you don't have to start from the ground floor.  Figuratively and literally.

You can sift through alien ruins at the edge of the universe, rummage through abandoned storage rooms of the strongest military empire to date.  You can even respond to distress calls (90% chance of free loot, 9% chance of doing a space empire a solid, a 1% chance of being assimilated) for a constant influx of random gear and supplies, which can then be bartered for much more useful stuff.  And that's just the non-confrontational approaches, which I favor.

And this is all to supply a starbase of <1 million me, which is a tiny outpost compared to a massive space empire with thousands of worlds and trillions of citizens.


If I had an interdimensional portal I doubt I would even think to seek out alternate versions of myself much less create a citadel. A citadel sound like a lot of work. I imagine interacting with an alternate would be awkward, like how I feel when seeing or hearing recordings of myself. I would just be sight-seeing the universe with a small group of friends.

This would be several versions of myself meeting up.