We knew this was coming -- more SCOTUS malevolence

Started by Luther Martini, June 30, 2022, 04:45:53 PM

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Luther Martini

Thomas wants the Supreme Court to overturn landmark rulings that legalized contraception, same-sex marriage

Good ole SCOTUS .. The crazy train has left the station, and building up steam, so they're wasting no time in adding more to the "Back to the bad old days" agenda.  When our heads stop spinning, it will be 1850, because the only people with any freedom will be white (or wealthy republican non-white) christian heterosexual (at least publicly so) men.  But even better than the original 1850's era, the planet will either be burning or flooding depending upon where you are, there's a war going on somewhere, so there are lots of folks to by our military hardware and oil, plus we have big screen tv's, football, country music, NASCAR, and we have lots and lots of really neato guns.  DAMN!!! brang me a cold one and a chicken fried steak ... let's get this party started!!!

OOPS!  just a minute, Clarence left something out.
QuoteIn Friday's opinion, Thomas made no mention of Loving v. Virginia, the landmark 1967 ruling by the Supreme Court that struck down laws prohibiting interracial marriage. That decision relied in part on the substantive due process doctrine — and was cited in several subsequent decisions that did as well, including Obergefell in 2015.

But Thomas, whose wife is white — meaning their interracial marriage could have been deemed in illegal in certain states had the court not ruled the way it did in Loving — did not mention the 1967 decision as one that should be revisited. In their own opinions, Justices Samuel Alito and Brett Kavanaugh both referred to Loving, writing that it should not be revisited despite its reliance on substantive due process.

Well, shit the bed fellers ... looks like y'all are pulling some shenanigans, but what the hell, we know that you're doing all this for us, and at least if we're drunk, happy, entertained, and on the right side of god, it'll be alright.

UH HUH -- like hell it will.


Wasn't Clarence Thomas the Justice whose appointment was riddled with controversy because of sexual harassment allegations? Was it the thing that put "sexual harassment" into the vernacular? They even tried to change the pronunciation of "harassment." I notice it didn't take.