Is there enough to charge the orange Idi Amin already?

Started by Cassia, June 23, 2022, 09:19:42 PM

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A guy steals a pack of gum at the 7-11 and gets tackled and charged immediately. Another guy attempts to destroy our most basic constitutional rights and an entire democratic republic and he's still gonna run for POTUS?

Mike Cl

The Jan. 6 committee has shown more than ever and more clearly that trump and his cronies have committed a record number of illegal actions.  Will he be charged?  Ask our DOJ--they seem to not be so inclined.  I'm afraid that come 2024 trump will run again.  I simply do not know why trump has never been charged with anything in his entire life.  He really can do as he pleases and he always gets a pass.
Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?<br />Then he is not omnipotent,<br />Is he able but not willing?<br />Then whence cometh evil?<br />Is he neither able or willing?<br />Then why call him god?

Dark Lightning

My personal take is that he's enough of a (MAFIA-style) criminal that he has shit on all his opponents, and is blackmailing the shit out of them. There is actually enough crime evidence to charge, try and convict him, but the citizenry of the US has enough buttheads resisting, that it probably will never happen. More's the pity.


This abortion overturn may end up biting them in the arse next election.


I ran for county commissioner.  I lost by 1779 votes.  I called the county auditor and demanded he find me 1780 votes (which the rotten turd recorded) because I had obviously won an election I had obviously lost. He was a real bastard about the whole thing, and declined my request.  Now the county's citizens are getting all hot and bothered over a perfect phone call.

The county attorney would have filed charges long ago, and everyone knows it.