Funny Response to an Antivaxer Who Posted a Death from Vaccine Report

Started by SGOS, June 24, 2022, 10:41:46 AM

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I lifted this from another forum and removed names and locations"

QuoteThis is just one person, ..How many aren't they telling us many more , will it affect......?😢😥

Response from a vaxer:
QuoteNot to mention the millions turning in to lizards.


The antivaxxer is suggesting mass vaccine deaths based on one blood clot death.

I would ask for proof of that claim and not just unsubstantiated speculation.  And when it inevitably does not appear, I would encourage that poster to no longer allege things that he/she cannot substantiate in the kindest possible terms.  The absolute kindest.

Mike Cl

Fuck yeah!!  All possible kindness........................
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